Switching from Vtiger to Zoho CRM: Steps to Success

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Switching from Vtiger to Zoho CRM: Steps to Success

Sometimes, to keep pace with the frantic tempo of today’s life, you are compelled to get rid of good old things that you are used to for the sake of better efficiency and productivity – or simply more functionality.


We change cell phones, laptops, tablets to be able to work easier and do more during the same working hours. The same rule applies to the software you’re using. Your business and company grow as well as the scope of tasks to perform, and your good old Vtiger can’t deal with the workload? This is when you start considering the move from Vtiger to Zoho CRM.



What are the factors that make Zoho CRM an attractive alternative to your Vtiger?


  1. Zoho’s monthly price per user equals the cost of Vtiger, so no financial losses involved (unless you’ll decide to go with a more expensive plan).
  2. It is a commercial solution, and it’s not open source as opposed to Vtiger. While open source applications have tons of benefits, licensed ones can potentially be more secure since not everyone can get into the code to find and misuse any flaws.
  3. The user interface is really streamlined – both to help you master it in minimum time and reduce the number of clicks to perform the most frequent operations – to increase your productivity and let you focus on the goal, not the process.
  4. Zoho presents integration with over 20 other applications, which means whenever you need a new feature, you’re likely to find it within hand reach and integrate into a snap.
  5. Zoho wins hands down regarding social CRM – it presents integration with Facebook and Twitter always to keep pace with your client’s latest news.
  6. This system seamlessly integrates with Google Apps, which presents to you a plethora of convenient tools from Gmail to Google Docs and live chat etc.


Zoho has a totally free plan – no strings attached – to either give it a thorough test drive or use continuously (under the condition of a maximum of 3 users).




Step-by-Step Guidance


Are you tempted to start using Zoho yet? Well, the good news is, you can now migrate all your carefully stored data from Vtiger to Zoho at absolutely no cost, coding-free, no risk, and in a few simple steps. Seems too good to be true? Let us show you the way of migration and then it’ll be you to decide.


1. Go to Trujay.Migration and register your account by filling in your credentials or log in via your social network account.


2. As soon as you’re logged in, provide your Vtiger CRM URL address, User name, and Access Key. Don’t worry about uncertified access – we grant you 100% privacy and data security.


Once successfully connected to your Vtiger, you’re gonna need the same details for Zoho (so make sure you register a Zoho account before starting the migration).


  1. Enter your Zoho URL and press “Authorize” button
  2. Enter credentials to log in your Zoho CRM account and click “Log in”

3. Run the quick demo to see how the whole process works and have 10 leads, opportunities, accounts and tasks migrated from Vtiger to Zoho.

5. Loved the result? Then, click the button and all of the data will be moved into your brand new Zoho very fast.
Else, connect Trujay experts

At the End

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and migrate vTiger to Zoho CRM. Catch your opportunity to get a new exciting update for your routine tasks with a new CRM using free Data Migration at no risk.


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