Tactics How to Win Over Difficult Customers

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Tactics How to Win Over Difficult Customers

The customer may always be right, but that doesn't mean all consumers are easy to deal with. Hence, handling the unsatisfied client is close to cutting through a hard-boiled egg. The yellow yolk of the center of the egg stands for the solution of your prospect’s problem. Accordingly, the hardened white may represent the details of the situation, and the solid shell shows the main displeasure.

To reach the yolk and find the answer to the problem, first, you should crack the peel. Then you have to go through the egg white and understand the primary circumstances of the client's issue. Finally, when you can get to the heart of the problem, you will be ready offering the resolvent to the situation. Hence, to succeed in the difficult conversations, let’s define the main communication skills that help you smooth the relationships with your customers.

  • Listen. Don’t try to talk over or argue with your client, because it may block the discussion. Let the consumers have their say, and you will get an opportunity to build trust, empathy, and rapport.  

  • Empathize. Put yourself into customer’s shoes. Try to understand the situation from their perspective and listen carefully. It can help identify clients’ issue as well as help calm them down.

  • Accept. It is a good idea to acknowledge what the customers say at face value, so they would feel that you perceive and believe them. However, try your best to shift the conversation to the resolution: moving away from the ranting toward a solution of their real problem.

  • Show respect. If the consumer is swearing or being verbally abusive, take a deep breath and don’t take it too personally. By reading between the lines, you may discern the demanding client’s fears, and identify where the shoe pinches.

  • Underscore the outcome. Stay focus what your clients are willing to achieve. Don’t waste time treating the symptoms while ignoring the disease; meaning doesn't get much into details. Try your best to explain what is the primary goal and how you can solve clients’ problems in the simplest and fastest way.

Therefore, all the tips above can ease the process of working with demanding customers as well as help you fulfill their needs. However, you have to take into consideration the variety of the unsatisfied clients and learn how to manage the relationship in the particular cases.

Top 4 Types of Difficult Customers


These clients are unsure of all around them. They find it hard to trust you as an outsider and review your work over and over. Also, they like showing that your job is not good enough and try to micromanage everything you do. This behavior can wear you down as you never feel making any progress or succeeding.

Remedy: First of all, reduce their perception of risk including confident communication and providing as much useful information about a product or service as possible. Show your consumers the critical stages of engagement and demonstrate utter reliability and consistency.

Do Nothing

There are some prospects that disappear for weeks after your initial interaction with them and agree to move to the next steps. You repeatedly try to approach them by calling and emailing, but they continually fail to respond. Later on, they may drop an answer along the lines: ” Sorry, I was so busy… and I need everything to be done as soon as possible”. So, how to deal with that?

Remedy: If you come across this type of the client, firstly, you should investigate what’s behind your prospect’s inaction. Is it fear, insecurity, cost or other matter? Also, ask yourself if an issue you’re addressing is truly an urgent one, maybe the client’s priorities have shifted. Furthermore, you may emphasize that there is a set deadline for everybody and no exception to the rule. All of these tips can accelerate the process of responding to your letters or calls.


Some consumers communicate with you with very specific approach leaving you little room for your ideas, so you start wondering why they need your help. They are directive and give the suggestions in the areas that are not familiar with them.

Remedy: Try to re-establish your respective roles. In this case, you can even confront the customers and remind them who the expert is in the field you discuss. Make sure to offer other options you think might work for them. Remember, that you have done the part to provide all the valuable advice and info, so it is up to the customers deciding whether to proceed with you or not.


These consumers jump at every opportunity to get your attention. It is very hard to go through and deal with this type of clients as they can get too emotional.  

Remedy: You should remember to try moving through such temperamental discussions and then extract the underlying pain point. Don’t forget to deliver all your apologies by explaining your company’s continued value towards its consumers. In this case, you have an opportunity to show how important they are.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, challenging clients are part of every business. No matter how great your customer service, you will eventually have to defuse an unhappy person. Whether you made a mistake or the consumers just have a bad day, the tactics above can help you handle difficult customers. Also, you can check out our ebook “Customer Relationships Management System. Outlining the Efficiency” and find out more information.

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