The Best CRM Tips to Help Your Business Succeed 2018

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The Best CRM Tips to Help Your Business Succeed 2018

One of the things that makes CRM systems so helpful and useful is the storage of all your needed information in one place. Of course, firstly you have to put it there. The better quality data you put into your CRM, the more system can serve you.

This article is for you if you want to improve the CRM use, find out some new policies to introduce to current and new users, or just learn something new for yourself. Here are some great practices and CRM tips, LessAnnoyingCRM presented, that are advised to pay your attention to.


Create a Contact History

Having only contact information is not enough to build strong relationships with your clients. Put in a note every time you talk with someone. Enter all the meaningful information like emails, relations to other contacts, files. By detailed record keeping in your CRM you will have all the data in one, easy to reach place, and that can help you to build relationships with customers.

Your built contact history can also be a kind of refresher, if a customer calls suddenly. It will seem like you remember the client and his needs, and make him feel special.

So, the first CRM tip is to enter notes and pipeline updates just right after the conversations is over, do not postpone it till the end of the day or week. Cause it is more likely you forget something.


Have a Scheduled Follow Up

Building and maintaining strong relationships with customers and leads takes a lot of time and efforts. Why not to save yourself a bit from both and have a scheduled follow ups? Schedule a follow up right after every call with the customer and you will never lose touch with a client or lead. Even if it is a check-in a months from now, it doesn’t really matter. After some time you may forget about the client, so may the customer, and a scheduled follow up can guarantee that you will get in touch again.

So,you can filter your contact list by those who have not been connected recently, and begin scheduling follow ups from there. It is a great thought to schedule follow ups after sales as a ‘thank you’ for becoming a customer.


Do Not Delete Any Data

You may sometimes want to delete contacts and clean up data you no more find useful to have more storage space. But it can really harm your company. The thing is that you don’t know what will happen to your business in a few years. If you delete a contact, you ‘end’ a relationship. The contacts that were not useful the last year, may become a top lead this year. And you might regret deleting them. If you feel like having a lot of contacts you do not need, you can sort them in ones you use the most and ones you do not. But still keep them in the list.

So, take it as a rule to never delete contacts. If some customers do not have to be contacted, just create a special group for them.


Pipelines Usage as a Way to Stay Focused

Use pipelines to keep tabs on the most valuable contacts right now. Pipelines track contact’s status in a special process, it can be a follow up, an initial sale, or something else that is a part of your business functioning process. Each process has its own pipeline, and it is possible to attach different pipelines to a contact record. But, it is allowed to have only a few high priority leads in a pipeline. They can be marked as important for you to track their progress through the pipeline.

So, pipelines can be used to track customers’ feedback, deals, billing, sales, and others. Think about types of workflows you want to track in the CRM and map them out.          


Use Manager Oversight Option

Combine management systems in one place, your CRM. Leave paperwork and silly mistakes in the past. Demand reports from the CRM data, monitor employees’ work, connect your leads and tasks with CRM calendar. When you see activities going into the CRM, you can spend less time in checking worker’s progress, and spend more on some collaborations, etc. The CRM can also be used as a way to streamline the sales process.

The last CRM tip is to pull reports from the CRM for meetings, use your pipeline to find out weak places in the sales process, value of your leads, and your conversion rate.


To Sum Up

So, now you are aware of some great tips regarding your CRM usage. Implement them in your everyday life, and get the most from the CRM.


If you want to try out a new CRM solution, you can do that by importing some amount of your data into the desired platform by running a free Demo Migration.


Don’t wait up, start using the mentioned above practices today!

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