The Essential List of Powerful Words that Sell

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The Essential List of Powerful Words that Sell

As the necessary weapons to convert leads into customers, the words are critical for the salespeople. Having an engaging photo, a popular video, or beautiful graphics can work in your favor, but the number one thing in the successful sales rep’s arsenal is the vocabulary they choose.

So, a single word has the power to sway a client to make a purchase decision or deter from a value proposition altogether. Thus, to build successful relationships with your potential customer, you should consider factors and suggestions that can trim or expand your sales vocabulary:


First of all, you should try to avoid misleading words, unnecessary adjectives and vague explanations in promoting your product or service. When dealing with customers, convey the feeling that you will address their concerns within a specific and reasonable time frame. For example, you can replace the phrase “ASAP” with the definite date and time. Also, for non-technical consumers, try to describe what you sell in the straightforward and clear way. In this case, they should easily understand your message as well as the benefits and features of what you are offering.


One of the important factors in the conversation with your potential customers is to project the confidence. You can gain that by improving your product knowledge, industry background and customer service skills. So, avoid using such words like:

  • Whatever

  • I’m not sure.

  • I think/I might

  • Maybe/Probably/Perhaps

  • Somewhat/Somehow


If you want to stay customer-centric, it means paying attention to the prospects needs as well as their sensibilities. It’s critical to be respectful of the customer’s mood when trying to resolve their issue. So, in any cases, your key to success is avoiding slang or cuss words. It is well known, if the clients experience rude customer service, then word of mouth can work against your business reputation for a long term.


For sure, it is great to stay thorough and complete, but you also have to value people’s time. In this case, try getting to the main point of your message and use shorter or simpler words. So, filter your vocabulary and avoid phrases as honesty, you know.


Nothing undermines consumer engagement more than a portion of negativity. Of course, there are some cases when you have to say ‘no.' At this point, you should project a positive outlook that makes your product or service look good. So, try to exclude the phrases like ‘we can’t perform that’ or ‘it is not very important.' Also, you should provide the creative but rationale facts, why there is a lack of the features your prospect is looking for.

All in all, you got acquainted with the main factors and cases that can influence sales vocabulary. However, you should also know the essential words that successful sales reps use all the time:


The word ‘you’ is the most critical one in the sales cycle. As we live in the customer-centric world, you have to remember that it’s all about the consumers and the solution that will directly impact them. So, each time you will be tempted to use a phrase from the perspective of your company, try to rework it making your prospect as a subject of the matter.


If you use the word ‘how,' you go directly to a demonstration of the product or service. Most of the cases, when the question starts with ‘how,' it is helpful to find out the customer’s thoughts regards the solution. For example, ‘How will the system benefit you?’ And the answer, ‘It will make your work easier by…’.


The customers can be more pleased if you solve the problem or address their needs right away. So, after you use the word ‘instantly,' ‘fast’ or ‘immediately,' the consumers feel good about knowing that their pain points could disappear as soon as they arise. The prospects are more likely to give your product a chance if they are sure to gain instant access to it.


This word justifies the motivation for the actions and indicates a strong cause-and-effect relationship. In conversation, you have to explain your prospects why individual inputs are essential to receive a particular outcome. Also, if you define exact results with your product or service, your potential customers become more convinced that you can help them achieve the goals.


You, as a sales professional, should demonstrate the value of the product as well as show how far it overweights the price. So, you have to shift the focus onto how the consumer can get more and not pay less. At this point, skip a part of the amazing features your product or service contains. Instead, make it clear how your offering will create the value for the client’s business.

Final Thoughts

The underlying message is certainly critical, but the words you use to deliver it are equally so. You have to remember that your sales vocabulary has the power to influence the purchase decision of the customer. All the practical tips above can boost your success from the client acquisition to an ongoing business relationship.

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