The HubSpot Success Trio: CRM for Sales and Marketing Teams

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The HubSpot Success Trio: CRM for Sales and Marketing Teams

Data is a kernel that drives every company in a highly competitive business world. The more information you have about your potential customers, the better you can tailor your products or services to their requirements.


However, using the information effectively is not just obtaining it. Both your marketing and sales teams should be on one page and move together towards the same objectives. In this case, your company requires 2 things to consider:


  • Marketing tool to acquire and manage your leads
  • Sales software to track and measure the business processes


Lately, many companies choose HubSpot CRM that can coincide with both of these components. Let’s indicate how the platform can help your sales and marketing teams start working together and moving faster to better relationships.

HubSpot CRM for Productive Marketing and Sales Alignment


Nowadays, any advanced company realized that sales and marketing relationships have become quite intimate. By combining the efforts of both teams with the help of HubSpot CRM, you can improve the customer experience and boost revenue because of:


  • CRM offers you to manage the deals, pipelines, and dashboards through one convenient portal. The solution unifies the sales and marketing tools and provides you with insights about every customer, as well as control over the sales funnel. With connecting to HubSpot Marketing, you get a possibility to observe what leads are progressing and where they are in the buyer’s journey.


  • Marketing software comprises an opportunity to create, automate, track and optimize the online marketing activities in one place. You can write the blog posts, create the landing pages, launch the email campaigns, as well as personalize every client’s experience with the necessary content.


  • The sales system offers you a toolkit of functionality that helps enhance the sales without adding to your workload. The platform includes the ability to build and test the email templates, know when the potential customer opens your email, and follow up in the moment of need. You can log in to each activity automatically, and easily monitor every deal.

How to Set Up the Closed Loop Reporting?


The main idea of the closed-loop is to share the information available to all teams and constantly keep each other updated on every aspect of the overall process. The integration of HubSpot CRM and automation software enables the sales and marketing staff with tracking everything together from the moment the customer engaging with your business to closing a deal. To be more specific, consider the main advantages of HubSpot CRM:


  • The platform automatically syncs the marketing and sales processes and excludes the possibility of any data overlaps
  • The solution lets you update the current lead’s records and eliminate any duplicates every time the potential customer visits your website, downloads a newsletter, etc.


  • The tool includes an opportunity to set up the criteria for MQLs and SQLs. At this point, the information can be shared between the CRM and marketing software that allows segmenting the leads in a more efficient way


Even though Hubspot CRM can automate some of the tasks and save you time, it is recommended to schedule the closed-loop reporting meetings on a regular basis. Your teams should gather together and share the information for further business improvements.


Is Sharing Data Worth the Attention?


Exchanging the information between the sales and marketing teams can not only improve the performance of them but enhance all business processes. Regarding the efficient HubSpot CRM tools, you can connect it with Sidekick extension and start sharing the information in a more powerful way. For instance:


Inform the sales managers when their most significant leads reappear on the website. Help the reps to prioritize who they spend the time on by setting up the lead revisit notifications with Sidekick and targeting them based on the lead owner. Additionally:


Make it easy for the sales staff to leverage the content you create. Build the email templates inside your CRM that reference the content assets for helping the reps close more deals. If the sales managers use Gmail or Outlook, adding Sidekick to the mix let them access the templates right from their inbox.


As you can see, HubSpot CRM can help you unify the sales and marketing teams without spending too much time and money. In case you are interested to perform HubSpot CRM import, an automated migration service Trujay can help you perform a task effortlessly. The SaaS enables you with the following advantages:


  • Guaranteed security regulations and an opportunity to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)


  • Possibility to map the fields and users on your own and get total control of the modules mapping


  • Advantage of a Free Sample Migration to observe if the service works without any hassles


  • Elimination of any business processes interruptions and assured uptime of the existing and future CRMs



Wrap Up



To conclude, the combination of HubSpot CRM with sales and marketing can save your efforts, as well as boost sales. The platform helps to bring together both teams, as well as facilitate the lead generation, classification, nurturing and scoring easily. In case you want to learn more information on how to migrate data to HubSpot CRM, discover more information here.

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