Top 5 Must-Have CRM Features

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Top 5 Must-Have CRM Features

What Is CRM?

CRM is a software for managing the company interactions and track engagement with present and potential customers. It allows to organize, automate and synchronize sales process, marketing activities, customer service operations and technical support. CRM is like a door that allows you to take the new view on the inside and outside processes related to business management and cooperation with your customers. Nevertheless, with a huge variety of CRM solutions, it’s rather difficult to choose a favorable software for yourself. The diverse variants of options and possibilities available in CRMs can confuse any business owner. With that in mind, let’s find out and clarify 5 must-have features that every CRM should have.

Top 5 Essential CRM Features

# 1 Lead Management

It’s usually treated as the first step of the sales process. So, your potential CRM software should possess superior leads generations options. They are the following:

  • Webforms. In order not to make your future customers the passers-by, CRM should have “web form generation” that will capture all user’s data from websites and put it directly on your software dashboard.
  • Follow-Ups. With the view of the total control of all business emails of your clients, CRM should allow you and your coworkers to create and send follow-ups to your potential customers. For example, produce different templates for faster email management (standard B-Day greeting, reservation confirmation, webinar opportunities, etc.)

#2 Filtering

With no doubt, keeping track of all of your clients and contacts can be a rather complicated task for businesses. Leads filtering allows to separate all the records and place them into the proper buckets. A part of the leads data could be directed to the sales department while others require more detailed communication. That’s why CRM software must possess an option to manage your contacts with ease, allowing you to have all information interacted with it in the past and the future.

# 3 Report Management

One more essential feature of CRM is the professional reporting system. It should provide you with the full-view information (name, date, time, price, additional options, etc.) about any purchases, transactions, orders and other business activities. Reports allow to picture of the campaigns efficiency and ability to forecast the future income, optimize the current strategy.

# 4 Integration Possibilities

  Flexible work-based interaction and email synchronization are also the must-have features of effective CRM platform. It provides with the ability to integrate with the 3rd-party tools and services like Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, MailChimp, Google Docs, Contacts and Calendar, PayPal, etc. Also, integration with social media is a great way to stay in touch with your customers. So, CRM should allow you to track your clients’ Facebook or Google+ page, Twitter line, or Linkedin profile. It also helps you to ensure interaction with your customers and build loyalty.

# 5 Mobile Access

Currently, more and more people are using their mobile devices to resolve different business tasks. So, the ability to use CRM on a handheld device is one of the major features of your CRM platform.

Final Wrap Up

It’s not a secret that different businesses have multiple priorities. What makes one CRM better for you depend on how its features fit your business’s requirements. Nevertheless, these top 5 features are considerate to be the canonic ones when selecting your CRM platform. 

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