Top Cheap CRM Systems: Get the Best Platform for Nothing

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Top Cheap CRM Systems: Get the Best Platform for Nothing


We all as business people are in constant search of the effective, yet affordable solutions for our companies. Sometimes you should pay a lot for achieving the visible results. But, as the proverb says, “All that glitters is not gold” - the same happens in the tech industry very often. There are many situations when the expensive solution doesn’t worth the money you paid for it. But, luckily, in the CRM industry you have a wide choice of the platforms that can satisfy different business needs. And not necessarily the best ones are the most costly. So, let’s take a closer look to the cheap CRM systems that can enrich your business success.

#1 HubSpot CRM

The first on our list is, of course, HubSpot CRM - the well-known and rather new platform. The secret of its popularity (you can think) is in the price, or, more specifically in its lack. Yes, HubSpot CRM is absolutely free for the unlimited number of users.   

Fair to say, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t pay a cent at all. Some additional features and customizations require payment - like everything in this world. However, the cost would be still smaller than in most other solutions. You can store up to 1 million contacts and companies in the free edition. Also, the core functionality like contact management, Gmail & Outlook integration, deals, companies, tasks, lead analytics dashboard, lead flows, email scheduling are included as well.

So, if you run a small/mid-sized company/startup without large bulks of customer data and with simplified sales processes alongside with a shorter list of requirements to the software - it’s a perfect choice among the cheap CRM systems.

#2 Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a cloud system that deserved a large audience thanks to  its practical feature sets and cost-effective pricing policy. The platform is in our list of cheap CRM systems for a reason - software provides a free edition for up to 3 users. The solution offers you to manage leads, accounts and contacts as separate modules, as well as enables the automation, analytics, and inventory management. Free plan includes leads, documents, mobile apps, 24/7 support and more.

If you need more users to manage the solution, Standard plan goes from $12/user/billed annually and includes Sales forecasting, scoring rules, charts and KPIs, document library, roles and profiles, custom fields, call center connectors, webforms, secure, encrypted transmission and more. Also, there is a 15-day trial option for you to check out the platform with its features.

#3 vTiger

It is an example of the interesting division of the CRM on Sales and Help Desk editions. In this case, customers can choose which part of the CRM functionality they need a chosen software to specialize in. For those who want it all, there is also an option - All-in-one-CRM.

The cost also varies according to the plan chosen. The Sales Package starts from $10/user/month; Help Desk is free free for up to 10 users (if more - also starts from $10); All-in-one CRM is $30/user/month and includes all features from both above-mentioned editions.

Furthermore, Vtiger has on-premise and on-demand versions. The solution provides users with a lot of features for successful customer relationship management and has a user-friendly interface, that’s why has a special place in our top cheap CRM systems list.

#4 Insightly

The system’s main focus is on the small and middle size companies, and the pricing options depend on this fact.

The platform provides a free edition for up to 2 users (includes basic CRM features, such as lead & sales management, custom reports and charts, task and project management, email templates, and others).

If your business requires more, the plans cast starts with $29/user/billed annually adding some specific feature to the core CRM ones. They include various integrations, schedules reports, custom branding, contacts and calendar sync, etc.

#5 Capsule

Solution has a flexible, pay-as-you go service you can cancel or upgrade at any time. The platform is simple as it is - go free or upgrade to a single advanced plan.


Capsule offers a free plan for up to 2 users with 250 contacts, 10MB storage, unlimited cases and opportunities. The Professional edition costs $12/user/month and includes a 30-day free trial, 2GB storage per user, 50,000 contacts, Unlimited opportunities/cases, many premium integrations, and more.


What is more, you have an ability to track all previous history, attach documents, manage tasks and share the important info with your co-workers. So, don’t miss a chance to try out this highlight in our cheap CRM systems checklist.

#6 Highrise

Due to the simple interface, you can get the ability to start using a  workflow immediately, without prior training. Also, the software allows you to track the actions of your prospects and customers, thus improve sales and optimize business processes according to your plan.

Regarding the payment, the Highrise prices are very flexible system focusing on no per-user fees and propose the following plans: a free trial for 30 days and three editions starting from $24/user/month.The Basic plan is up to 6 users and includes 5000 contacts, 10 deals, and 5GB storage.


#7 ProsperWorks

A #1 platform for the G Suite integration and a CRM provider for Google - sounds good, huh? And it is. The last, but not least in our top cheap CRM systems listing stands out for its hassle-free interface and ability to simplify the customer experience.

Regarding pricing, ProsperWorks has three cost editions starting with $19 and a 14-day free trial. The system is completely cloud-hosted, offers perfect integration with all G Suite apps, accurate forecasting and powerful pipeline reporting, making itself a bright star in our top cheap CRM systems digest.

To Summarize

Hope our list of top cheap CRM systems is a helpful guide in your CRM searching journey. If after this article you still have some questions regarding popular and low cost platforms, don’t hesitate to contact our CRM expert for a consultation. But, even if your first choice wasn’t perfect for the business, our Trujay automated migration tool will transfer your data to the new software effortlessly.

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