How to Make Your Customer Experience Digital

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How to Make Your Customer Experience Digital

In today’s world, the client service is a fundamental factor in the successful customer experience management. However, how to speed it up for the next decade?

After-sales assistance was considered solely as direct contact. Every company had a personal image, and only private communication was happening. If some problems with your product occurred, you went to the shop to find out everything you needed or to exchange it.

The ‘80s and ‘90s brought some changes. The large retail franchises and home deliveries started to develop. As a result, the customer experience became faceless. The client service was conducted mainly by phone via large call centers with lasting queues.

Due to a large amount of poor customer aid examples, the social media and Internet changed the situation and moved standards to the new heights.

Why Bad Service Sends Sad Messages about Your Company

It is not new that more efficient support strategy is to keep the existing buyers rather than spend money on attracting new ones all the time. If you notice that the clients’ flow in your organization is high (they come, and they leave quickly) - it means you need to improve your customer assistance.

In fact, the customers of companies’ with poor after-sales service have worse reactions on price changes. Deficient aid influences customer experience strategy, and, in this case, you can lose clients. So, what you should do to avoid such unpleasant consequences?

1. Foundation for growth

If you want to increase the number of people that are working with you, it is better to develop own helpline network. It is an essential part of individual customer experience that needs to be presented in company’s structure and not remotely. Look into some stats regarding this question:

Key attributes of the customer experience

2. Measure the satisfaction

The key performance indicators are becoming a more archaic way to track the work of your employees. Despite the fact that some of them can be helpful, they do not give an impression of company’s customer experience goals. Try to create the own indexes that calculate the fulfillment of clients’ wishes, and you will see how the attitude to your business will change.

3. Tech equipment

There are many new technologies that a customer service experts can use in their everyday work to improve the help desk performance. For example, cloud-based CRM systems, Big Data service, chatbots, and others. All these tools are crucial for a sustainable growth of the modern business. Here are some statistics on this issue:

Main tech innovations that will influence customer experience

4. Be accessible

Try to be available for your clients in as many ways as it is possible. Create different types of support - social media, phone, text, personal, video chat, aid videos that are reachable 24/7.

5. Care about reviews

As support employees in your organization are the ones who interact with clients the most, they also should be the first ones who find out the main changes and improvements in your products or services. Also they can hear all customers’ feedbacks on your company issues so make sure the support experts share it with developers.

6. Focus on people

Try to keep a slow speed of workforce flow in your company. It improves the service performance and enriches its quality. The primary goal of the employees should be the clients’ satisfaction. So make sure nothing distracts them - provide proper working conditions, training courses, and others. Remember: pleased workers - pleased customers.

7. Bilateral approach

It is also essential for your staff to automate their processes if they can, and minimize human interactions to cases when it is a necessity. Thus, you will make your customer experience management more efficient by providing fast service and personal contact. Check out some information on this subject:

Top points of impact by commerce tech solutions

8. Be up-to-date

Provide your clients with information on how to write complaints. This may sound insane - why you should give them an opportunity to criticize your work? The answer is simple. By receiving feedbacks, you have a chance to solve all problems and smooth out imperfections in customer service that bother your buyers. Otherwise, they will turn away from your company and find the one that suits their expectations without explaining what is wrong with your products. Use surveys, response forms, track social media reviews to be informed about your image on the market.

9. Provide feedback

Ensure that people who are unsatisfied with your product or service, receive response and help from your employees as soon as possible. By this, you minimize the risk that they will write negative reviews on public websites or social media resources.

10. Use an appropriate solution

It is more efficient to unite the necessary customer data in one software that integrates all details such as accounts, preferences, bargains, and many more. Such a system will help you to see the whole picture of how your customer experience strategy is working. An example of such solution is a CRM system. Have a look at some data regarding this matter:

Key sources of data and intelligence
All stats are taken from this research.

Lately many business owners are trying different CRMs to find the one that suits their company’s needs. In this case, the problem occurs - how to migrate data from one solution to another? You can take advantage of the automated migration service Trujay to import the necessary data. This tool allows you to transfer records without coding or copy pasting. The feature of fields and users mapping allows you to have a total control of the mapped modules for satisfying the business requirements. Also, Trujay has a Free Demo Migration option that imports a certain amount of your data to check if the new CRM system suits you.

Final Thoughts

In this day and age, the importance of customer experience cannot be underestimated. A clients’ satisfaction with your services is a barometer that shows how successful your company is developing and predicts the future of business you run. The more your organization is technically adjusted the fewer chances are that it is going to drown in a furious swirl of competition.

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