Troubleshooting Salesforce Data Migration

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Troubleshooting Salesforce Data Migration

CRM solution became a prerequisite of the success that set up a new course to processes management and establishing relationships with customers. To be effective and competitive, organizations look for the multifunctional technology. And more frequently, vendors consider Salesforce data migration as a thoughtful and valid decision. In the terms of managing this complex process of data switch, you need to pay attention to numerous pitfalls that may drag down Salesforce implementation and adoption. Thus, you can deal with this issue and ensure the favourable outcome of your CRM rolling out.

Three-Point Salesforce Data Migration Plan

Every process concerning your business performance or upgrading should be based on the strategy with clear seeing of the interim goals and final objective. In fact, you have to think over only 3 stages of your records switch.

1. Initiating CRM Switch

Once you are getting ready to migrate your data to Salesforce, you should make sure that your database and team are ready for these innovations. Let’s be honest, the low-quality and inconsistent database will impact your performance on any new CRM. That’s why you should take the following steps to improve its state:

  • duplicate detection and, therefore, merging or deleting
  • missing fields completing
  • database backup for avoiding files damage or loss

Likewise, the quality of data, the quality of your teamwork has a direct influence on the performance efficiency. So, your employees should be aware of the upcoming changes into their daily round. Besides, neglecting staff training for different user roles in CRM will prolong the adoption processes and increase the downtime period of your transactions.

2. Data Migration Mode

You can manage your Salesforce data migration in a direct, accurate mode by means of the web-based service Trujay. The SaaS works without extra installations, coding or copy/pasting. The service also guarantees full uptime of your current CRM. So, your records transfer to Enterprise, Unlimited and Performance editions may be accomplished automatedly without any side interference. In other versions, API access is disabled but you can activate it in Professional plan. Thus, with Trujay beneficial ability to import data in CSV files, you can migrate to Group and Professional editions without additional payments.

3. Primary Steps to Salesforce Setting Up

After CRM migration accomplishment, you face the challenge where should you start work. Make sure that you have checked out the correctness of switched records. The next step is integrate mailboxes and third-party plugins, if you use such. Then you may set up users roles and permissions, as well as define your system administrators.

Essence of Savvy Administration

Usually, CRM administration is taken too easily or with low attention. However, this very aspect should be seen as a backbone to the company and its infrastructure. Generally, Salesforce administrators responsible for system configuration, provisioning and maintenance. These people should be knowledgeable about Salesforce abilities and possess skills for controlling a huge amount of the roadmaps, critical decisions, as well as system reliability.

Scheduling Salesforce Admin Activities

Meanwhile your admins face the list of tasks and tickets seems to be endless, you should develop a plan for enhancing this process of on task is crossed and 2 new added. Focus on creating a scheme for encouraging your administration team to proactively initiate system updates and find quick solutions to users’ problems. This checklist of activities will aids you in planning and prioritizing tasks your admins deal with on a regular basis. Daily round tasks are mainly user problems that require resolving in the real-time. Mainly, these activities include:

  • reset passwords or unlock the accounts
  • refresh the whitelisted IP addresses
  • deal with bounced emails generated by campaigns or autoresponders
  • improve the records viewing by optimizing the sharing rules

Weekly Cycle Management deals with such activities as

  • make and store weekly data backups
  • set up conditions and run the duplication tool
  • update new profiles or deactivate users
  • import leads and contacts, as well as analyze the records ownership

Monthly Chores cover the following tasks

  • add required changes to system field and check whether they have an impact on the overall CRM behavior
  • run the quality reports to detect new sources of noisy and inconsistent data
  • coordinate the sandboxes refreshing with developers who use them
  • examine the effect of the updates in the security model on the software modules
  • run backup of data, metadata and error logs if it is possible to make

Quarterly Activities have 2 critical issues

  1. download user login history, and
  2. Salesforce administrator setup audit log in CSV files

Also, your admins should take care of

  • reading the release notes for any 3rd-party add-on or plugin
  • running IDE for getting the copy of system metadata
  • launching Reports report to detect the types of analytics that weren’t in usage during the last 6 months
  • undertaking roles and profiles report to identify and consolidate those that are no longer in use
  • checking up the boolean conditions in new validation rules and workflow patterns
  • archiving or deleting the weekly backups if they were done more than 90 days ago

Annual Issue List contains such activities as create the archive of updates, system modules and fields, histories for auditing the changes made during the year

  • archive documents, emails and histories to reduce the data storage
  • ensure regulatory reasons and audit the compliance by archiving the chatter histories
  • update the system roadmaps that assisted to the business objectives achievement

As you can see Salesforce data migration and effective system setting up require planning and task prioritization. In fact, the tips and hints mentioned above will ensure the successful records transfer and CRM adoption.

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