Valid Hacks for Salesforce Data Migration

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Valid Hacks for Salesforce Data Migration

The change becomes a substantial part of our life. In fact, businesses are constantly looking for more effective and practical solutions in overall performance improvement. To keep the pace with the requirements of the qualified service and offer personalized products, vendors use broadly CRM systems. As a cloud solution with a full-featured suite of various standard and additional options, Salesforce lives up to its reputation of a powerful ally in business performance. Many companies consider about the direct and successful Salesforce data migration accomplishment. To ensure the efficiency of this procedure, you should plan the every step and have a clear vision of your final goal.

Architecture of Efficient Switch

The well-thought strategy allows the company to mitigate the potential risks of records switch procedure. So, draw up the key stages of your CRM switch. The first part is choosing and testing a desired solution. Don’t neglect this opportunity to enter some data and run several processes in Salesforce. The second part is preparing for Salesforce data migration. In particular, it includes database cleansing, quality rules establishment and employees’ training. And the third part is a management of migration process.

Deep into the Quality Database

The clean and relevant records in your storage is the kind of art. The perfect database can be hardly found. Ahead your migration, you need to put your data in order and clean it from duplicates and copies. It is highly advised to avoid records deleting and merge them. There are definitely missing fields so you should define what data is lacking and create a set of requirements to further records entry and maintenance to preempt such defects. Data is a fragile thing that’s why you need backup it before initiating Salesforce data migration for avoiding critical files damage and losses. Despite the intuitive UI, the functionality of Salesforce varies from your existing solution. The best CRM practices state that employees’ trainings should have a place before CRM implementation. It boosts the level of user adoption and raises the teamwork, as well as encourages staff to works better by making them feel a part of the company.

Nuts and Bolts of Salesforce Data Migration

Usually, CRM transfer is considered as a lasting and cumbersome process. Thus, this issue may be handled without coding and other types of side interference. With Trujay, you will migrate to Salesforce in a direct, accurate and secure way. Different Salesforce plans have different options and restrictions. In such a way, you can transfer your records to Enterprise, Unlimited and Performance editions in a fully automated mode due to open API. Thus, Group and Professional versions have a disabled access to API what seems to exclude migration ability. Nevertheless, Trujay will easily cope with this task so you can switch your data into these Salesforce editions by means of CSV files importing. Yet, the automated migration to Salesforce will take a few steps to accomplish:

  • register an account at
  • define the source CRM URL, access credentials, API keys
  • select Salesforce from a menu and permit Trujay access
  • choose migration options and run a free demo
  • set up your full transfer to Salesforce

For custom migration of non-default modules, fields and other data , just request a demo migration and Trujay team will perform data transfer in accordance to our company requirements. As you can see, migration to Salesforce should beplanned and requires some preparations. If you want to succeed with your CRM switch, download this free ebook ‘Best-Case Migration Scenario’ right now!

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