Vtiger CRM Inside And Out: Marketing Automation (Part 1)

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Vtiger CRM Inside And Out: Marketing Automation (Part 1)

With the stream of time, all the materials on hand, like spreadsheets, post-it notes, have become a thing of the past. And regarding your customer relationship management, it is a rock-solid truth. That is why, when you distinguish the bridges building as the highest priority, you will think big while selecting your management utility. 

Nowadays, many take a ply to Vtiger CRM that has already become the beloved solution for multiple enterprises. The ultimate platform for startups with the restricted budget and accomplished instrument for small and medium companies that is what Vtiger poses. In general, because of multifacetedness of business processes, CRM platform alone possesses pretty complex architecture and requires some skills to master all the operations properly. 

For this purpose, Trujay editorial team has prepared a set of articles that drives into the main features of Vtiger CRM. In today’s post, we focus on the starting point of building bridges – marketing automation and how this is represented by Vtiger.

Vtiger Skeleton: Lead Management

Conceptually, you shouldn’t regard this at face value. Every marketing strategy requires an individual solution to every potential customer, long-term campaigns. In sober fact, CRM is the additional utility that allows managing the customer-oriented marketing strategy. And Vtiger copes with this tasks artistically.

Outer Side of Customer Engagement

For this purpose, Vtiger lead management is presented in two ways:

  • Webforms. To track all the target audience appropriately and not to miss a lead, you might easily create an HTML form. Then insert it into your website and all the user data will be captured to your Vtiger CRM. Apart from so-called pattern form data, there is an option of custom field creation.
  • Email Campaigns. In addition to your marketing campaign, Vtiger enables you to send the newsletters. Email campaigns are integrated into Vtiger on Demand and allow you to track the results of every campaign. Also, you may create various letter templates, styles, and images. Intuitive features help you to segment your email campaigns diligently to your demands and even schedule the date of a newsletter. When the mail is delivered, it’s time to analyze the outcome. Vtiger CRM brings the real-time reports that show you number of opened emails, clicks, and other actions. Sounds perfect, isn’t it?

Leads Intake

Following the lead pathway, the next stage of its development might include some automatic actions like followups. Probably, this is the only activity that does not require your creativity. However, with Vtiger this is a pretty engaging process. To be a good walker for your customers, you may use the calendar.You can plan the events, to-do lists, calls.

Leads Crossroads

Right on this stage, you may distinguish which leads are quality and dead ones. For this purpose, Vtiger offers the leads filters. With this feature, it will be simple to separate all the records and place them into the proper buckets. For clarity, a part of the leads could be directed to the sales department, while others require more detailed communication.

Finishing Touch of Marketing Campaign

Putting it into a nutshell, the pathway of a lead might be turned into opportunity creation. This is the next stage of customer relationship management and usually takes place in the sales department. Additionally, you should gather information about a company, its members and their demands and wishes. Considering the opportunity management, we’ll back to this later in our next blog article. Have you experienced the marketing automation with Vtiger first hand? What are the most precious features for you? Share you thoughts in the comments section, please!

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