Vtiger Inside And Out: Opportunities Management (Part 2)

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Vtiger Inside And Out: Opportunities Management (Part 2)

With the last waning sunbeams, you start realizing that the time of new work-heat is just on the threshold. This is the high time to scrutinize all your business processes, revise your CRM strategy, generate new ideas. Focusing on these, we’d like to continue with our Vtiger article series. The previous post was dedicated to Vtiger leads management and today we’d like to throw the light on how opportunity management is executed there.

Opportunity in Plain Words

In terms of customer relationship management, opportunity might be explained as the potential deal. Traditionally, opportunities are treated by sales manager who implements various courses of events. This stage of building company-customer relationship runs into the complex pathway of interaction and analyzing. So, in order to get the whole picture of opportunity tunnel we have divided it into a few steps:

  • Define an opportunity
    At this stage you have distinguish whether a client’s contacts become a potential sale. You should track all the deals to create the priority queues. It means that those clients who are close to purchase, should be assisted faster than those who, for instance, are making decision. For this purpose, Vtiger differentiates the opportunities for ‘Exciting Customer’ and ‘New Customer’. ‘Exciting Customer’ already has contact information in your Vtiger CRM. ‘New Customer’ is a newly added client.

  • Stay in Touch With Clients
    At opportunity management stage, there’s also an option for follow-ups sending. You may schedule them using calendar. Apart from this, plan your upcoming events, to-do list, opportunities with the expected close date, invoice, etc.

  • Forecast Through the Crystal Ball
    When you interact with customer, you won’t be in the dark, Vtiger includes the Forecast field right in the opportunity module. It allows to calculate the approximate revenue focusing on opportunity record.

  • Win And Lost Opportunities: Sink or Swim
    When all the products, services were presented to client, it’s time when the opportunities are divided into Win and Lost. For latest, you might shift the campaign course and build more advantageous deal to obtain the purchase aim.  While cooperating with the Win Opportunity, you should create positive atmosphere to make your customer come back to your service. At this stage of company-customer collaboration, you are able to create the detailed invoices with the name of a product or service, discounts, payment methods, taxes, etc.

  • Define the Growth
    For complete opportunities management, Vtiger includes the payments module that allows to track income and outcome payments. It provides your customers with the secured payment methods.

So, you see Vtiger built-in functionality makes customer relationship management a favourable procedure where you have everything at fingertips. This CRM platform is an accomplished instrument find the common language with your clients.

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