Vtiger to Insightly: Indulge the Process of Automated Migration

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Vtiger to Insightly: Indulge the Process of Automated Migration

It is a common knowledge that a satisfied customer is the most profitable business strategy of all. The communication with clients provides the useful insights into their interests and needs. CRM software enables the business owners with sales and marketing automation opportunities, as well as interaction between departments and customers. The question is how to choose the most appropriate CRM with a harmonious blend of these options. The list of platforms is really rich. However, Vtiger and Insightly are the CRM solutions that have a good reputation and effective performance. So, let’s take a more critical view of these platforms.

Vtiger vs Insightly: Promote Vendor’s Talents

Rule Upon Yourself

Vtiger enables its users with the easy-to-use interface that greatly facilitates the managing of the data centralization and upgrading. You can create groups and permit them the access to the categorized information.

Due to the intuitive user interface, Insightly facilitates the process of inviting new users, making up teams and granting the access to the database. The customization of the workflow, pipelines, and reporting enhance the performance of the main business process.

Enhance Your Sales and Marketing

Use the sales and marketing automation capabilities of the Vtiger for facilitating and elaborating the work of your departments. The contact list with a number of information fields helps your sales team to monitor the interests and plan specific offers for the certain groups of clients. Use the leads segmentation for designing new campaigns and turn the prospects into existing customers. The reporting options empower you with the critical information for the improving the uptime and effectiveness of your projects.

Insightly provides you with the single-dashboard view of contact history and scheduler, clients’ database and leads tracking for the elaborated project planning and tracking all the changes of the sales performance. With the help of email and newsletter management, you can engage more customers to your campaigns. The analytics tool allows to create a customized reports that enhance the targeted offers planning and providing the basis for the budget and profit forecasting.

Bridge the Gaps in Collaboration

With the aim of enhancing the interaction inside the company, Vtiger offers data exchange between departments. The workflow empowers you with the ability to schedule the email sending out, tasks distribution, alerts and notifications. Besides, you can specify the conditions that will trigger them. Vtiger delivers such modules for satisfying clients’ issues and requirements as problem tickets, customer portal, and knowledge base.

Insightly provides a build-in file sharing opportunity for increasing the collaboration within the company’s teams and exchanging the first-hand experience. You may integrate your platform with social media (Facebook, Google+, FourSquare, Picasa, Klout) for monitoring the changes in clients’ interests. Insightly enables you with the call center management, self-service portal and customer service interaction for faster resolvement of the misunderstandings and problems faced by clients.

Explicit Suggestion

You made up your mind and consider Insightly the most appropriate CRM software for your business. However, still doubting about the migration process. Trujay facilitates this procedure and offers the unique ability of a direct, automated and effortless switch from Vtiger to Insightly. The service deprives you of the additional installation, and the CRM data migration lasts only few hours.

Vtiger to Insightly Automated Migration in 6 Steps

Step 1. Create Your Trujay Account

Go to app.trujay.com and sign up.


Step 2. Specify Your Current CRM

Specify your Vtiger details: URL, login and API Key.

Provide Your Future CRM Details

Select Insightly from the drop-down list and provide your API key.

Step 3. Choose Migration Options

Select the modules  you want to migrate to Insightly, ,map the fields and run the free Demo Migration.


Step 4. Complete your Vtiger to Insightly Migration

In case, the outcomes of the demo migration satisfied you, start your Full Migration. If you feel hesitant, you can register your account and start your Vtiger to Insightly migration right now! Then your doubts will go into thin air. It is high time to come out on the stage of profitable business running.


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