Vtiger to Bitrix24: Work Smarter with New Solution [Video Inside]

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Vtiger to Bitrix24: Work Smarter with New Solution [Video Inside]

Maintaining customer relationships is essential for every company. No matter the size of the organization, you have to deal with a big amount of customer data in the midst of CRM systems available on the market, there is never ending battle between Vtiger and Bitrix24. The platforms have various advantages and disadvantages. After investigating their peculiarities, you can choose the one that fits the business needs better. Let’s take a closer on both platforms.

Vtiger vs. Bitrix24: Find the New Business Ground

In case your organization is just starting up and obtain a restricted budget, then Vtiger can assist you in carrying out the business processes systematically. A platform is a great option for managing workflows within small and mid-sized companies. The solution offers you a free trial and 3 paid subscriptions starting from $10/user/month (billed annually).

However, CRM lacks several options starting from the absence of the integrated telephony to the complaints about the weak document and project management.

If you are searching for a free Vеiger alternative, Bitrix24 makes a good choice. Bitrix24 is a feature-rich platform that let us enhance business performance. The solution has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to optimize the administrative tasks and minimize the number of manual office duties. Bitrix24 provides 4 plans, where you don’t have to pay for setting up your social intranet:

  • Free 12 users/5GB storage
  • Plus ($39 user/month)/up to 24 users/24GB storage
  • Standard ($99 user/month) unlimited users/100GB storage including the ability to add your domain
  • Profesional ($199/month) unlimited users/unlimited storage obtaining the customization with your domain

As you can see, Bitrix24 takes the upper hand over Vtiger. Bitrix24 includes a free plan and surpass some features provided by Vtiger. So, if you are ready to migrate from Vtiger to Bitrix24, consider the following steps to complete the transfer smoothly.

How to Get Ready for CRM Migration?

CRM transferring can be completed in a “quick and dirty” fashion, or you may perform the migration with careful forethought and exclusion. The appropriate preparation and planning are critical for successful process, consider the pre-migration activities:

  • check out Bitrix24 features by trying 30-day free trial version
  • exclude all the unnecessary or outdated records
  • create a backup to eliminate the possibility of data loss
  • ask the employees what data they use and what items can be omitted

Migrate from Vtiger to Bitrix24 Effortlessly

When you are all set up for the switch, begin your migration process by using an automated migration service Trujay. To start your migration to Bitrix24, you need to install Trujay application from Bitrix24 marketplace.

  1. Go to app.trujay.com and register an account.

2. Сhoose your existing Vtiger from the drop-down list and specify CRM URL, login, and API Key.

Select the future Bitrix24 and specify the system’s URL.  You’ll be redirected to your Bitrix24 account, and the further relocation steps will be run via Trujay Bitrix24 app.

3. Then, choose the records you decided to transfer to Bitrix24 and tick the corresponding boxes. Map the data fields to fit your specific requirements. Also, test the procedure in action by taking advantage of free Demo Migration.

4. If you are satisfied with Demo results, complete your Vtiger to Bitrix24 migration.

How to Give Solution an Easy Start?

After the most complicated part is over, take into consideration a few more suggestions for better CRM implementation and configuration:

  • check out if all the records and relations are in the proper places
  • set up the specific filters for analytics and build the personalized workflow rules
  • equip your crew with all required materials and tutorials for better system adoption

Final Pitch

The process of data transfer from one CRM to another is not that troublesome. Stick to the hints mentioned-above to help your business thrive without too many efforts. Don’t wait any longer, start a free Demo Migration and try your new CRM.

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