Vtiger vs PipelineDeals: Preparing for Your CRM Migration

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Vtiger vs PipelineDeals: Preparing for Your CRM Migration

Vtiger vs PipelineDeals: Preparing for Your CRM Migration


The successful business running requires wise marketing, compelling customer experience, steady sales increase, and the efficient CRM system. The last one should include the right features to improve your business processes and customer relationships. Even though a list of CRM systems is constantly expanding, Vtiger and PipelineDeals draw a considerable audience due to the simplicity and scalability. Yet the solutions differ in functionality.



Vtiger vs PipelineDeals: Investigate the Core Values


In case your company is just starting up and have a tight budget, both Vtiger and PipelineDeals are suitable platforms for managing interactions with customers.


Vtiger fits the needs of the small and medium-sized organizations and offers the next features:


  • shows a complete history of the relationships with leads and customers. In a contact record, find all personal information, notes, emails, and calls you have exchanged with customers.
  • provides the lead, account, case, and project management, and offers integrated calendar, activity, and notification options.
  • equips with pre-build sales insights to highlight the organization, team, and pipeline statistics like the top-performing employees or value of opportunities.
  • offers the integration of the document management systems and workflows for the automatic notices and the attachment of files to project tasks.


Pipelinedeals is also admired by the smaller companies and includes the following features:


  • introduces a convenient drag and drop option to help you customize the interface in accordance with the company's needs.
  • allows you easily organize the deals and prospects, as well as qualify, assign and convert your leads right in your workflow.
  • provides the custom list views for slicing the information with flexible filtering and sorting features.
  • offers sales team management to improve teamwork. For example: by sharing the information among the employees, you may eliminate duplicate efforts with conversations on each deal.


Regarding tracking possibilities, Vtiger and Pipelinedeals allow you to monitor opportunities and sales pipeline. Besides, you can send trackable emails to your contacts and know when your lead opens a letter, click on a link, or downloads a whitepaper. Both, Vtiger and PipelineDeals, integrate with 26 and 23 applications correspondingly. Also, you can update contacts’ information and record activities with your clients on-the-go via mobile applications.


So, there is no better or worse CRM solution. Choose the best one for your business needs and migrate to Vtiger or PipelineDeals.




Vtiger vs PipelineDeals.CRM Data Migration: Move Data Effortlessly


After comparing the main aspects of the platform solutions, you may consider a data transition. Either you decided to migrate to PipelineDeals or Vtiger, Trujay is an automated migration service that will handle this task for you with ease. The SaaS will move the records completely hands-off and without copy/pasting. A service offers you a number of other beneficial features:


  • data mapping
  • data deduplication
  • free demo migration
  • uptime of the existing and future CRMs
  • guaranteed data privacy and security


To understand the real value of Trujay functionality, let’s look closer at the advantages mentioned above.



Data Mapping


The accurate data mapping during CRM transfer is essential in setting up the future business workflow while migrating to PipelineDeals or Vtiger. The SaaS allows you to map the records by completing the following steps:


  1. Сheck if all entities are mapped in the proper way, click on ‘View or Change Field Mapping’. If you see a notification about unmapped ones, you should map them by taking the next steps:


  • Press ‘Edit’ and select the desired record;
  • in case a field is not critical for your further business processes, pick the ‘do not migrate’ command.


Note: the SaaS supports the mapping of the CRM default items. If you want to map other essential records, the custom fields should be created on the future solution.


2) And then press “Save Mapping’, and ‘Back to Migration Options’ afterward.



Data Deduplication


To help companies avoid a headache of dealing with duplicates or copies of data after the CRM migration, Trujay includes a deduplication feature. The SaaS packages offer you to:


  • replace (the substitution of the existing CRM records with the future ones);
  • merge (the entities on the current system will be combined with the destination CRM records after the transfer).



Free Demo Migration


After you mapped all fields between CRM systems, Trujay recommends you to launch a free Demo to see the process in action. During Demo Migration, you can transfer a certain number of records with related items. If the records from some modules didn't transfer, they have no relations to the contacts or/and leads that were migrated during your Demo Migration. In case you make a decision to migrate to PipelineDeals or Vtiger, all records with relations will be moved without any problems.



Current CRM Uptime


If you decide to migrate to Vtiger or PipelineDeals, you may skip the worries about the CRM downtime. Trujay excludes any interruptionіs of your business processes. Both solutions will work properly.



Privacy and Security


Trujay provides data privacy and eliminates the possibility of any records loss. Service offers to sign the Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) between both parties that guarantee to treat the confidential information securely.



Vtiger vs PipelineDeals. Must-Have Instructions for CRM Transition


CRM data migration consists of 4 easy stages to compete:


  1. Provide the access credentials of your existing and future CRM;
  2. Select Trujay migration options and fields mapping (if necessary);
  3. Launch a free Demo migration to check if a service function in the right way;
  4. Complete a migration process and click on Start Full Migration.



Final Upshot  


With Trujay, you can migrate your records to/from Vtiger, as well as to/from PipelineDeals. To set up a migration with our service, you need to register an account. In case more questions are coming up, feel free to contact our sales manager.



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