Web Based CRM Software: 3 Impressive Options to Choose From

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Web Based CRM Software: 3 Impressive Options to Choose From

Don’t read any further if you access the internet via a slow dial-up connection. However, if you go online with a decent bandwidth, web based CRM software is an efficient choice, as well as the fastest evolving area of CRM industry.

The online CRM enables you with the opportunity to access and update sales and reports, contact data, and perform other activities through the internet browser. In this case, you can skip purchasing the software and installation requirements and get the same core capabilities of non-based CRM systems. This model is commonly referred as the Software-as-a-Service or SaaS, generally hosted and maintained by the service provider. So, let’s go over the main benefits of the web-based CRM software and single out the platforms that can help you enhance the business growth.

Why Select the Online CRM?

The advantages of the above-mentioned solution are initially related to end-user convenience and flexibility. Here are some of the specific values of the software:

  • Easy setup. Get started with the system in a simple way that doesn’t require much more than importing client and sales data. You don’t have to pay for hardware, server, and software maintenance.

  • On demand access. Take advantage of the internet access to work with your CRM remotely and on the go.

  • Low upfront cost. Pay monthly or annually fee to use the system. You just subscribe to the CRM service, choose the suitable edition and pay “service based” or “pay-as-you-go” fee that varies from vendor to vendor.

  • High Security Levels. Skip the worries as the service providers of online platforms take security issues very seriously. In the end – it is they who are responsible for protecting the confidential data that you trust them with.

  • Enhanced compatibility. Integrate with the third-party applications easily to open up more business opportunities and boost your team performance.

As you can see, the web based CRM software can help you simplify the company processes and increase the revenue. Besides, the online software services have seen an impressive lift-off lately. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) indicates that the spending on cloud services is to reach $56.6 billion in 2014 and will grow to more than $127 billion in 2018, that stands for a 23% growth. So, let’s outline the brief reviews of the effective web based CRM software and help you choose the desired one.

#1 Bitrix24 - Enjoy the Way you Work and Collaborate

Being a great fit for small organizations, Bitrix24 is popular for customizable reports, time management tools, built-in telephony and social CRM capabilities. The platform integrates with 24 add-ons such as Evernote, Xero, and others. Bitrix24 offers a free version and 3 paid subscriptions starting at $39/user/month.

#2 Infusionsoft - Gain Efficiency with Robust Software

Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, the reliable tool includes a number of compelling features like the sales and marketing automation, practical analytical tools and mobile capabilities, as well as 104 integration choices like Workato, Zapier, etc. Infusionsoft offers 4 paid plans starting at $199/user/month.

#3 Capsule - Benefit from Smart and Simple CRM

Effective and flexible, Capsule is a compelling tool for small mid-sized companies. Focused on the sales pipeline, the solution stands out for the sales analytics tools, Calendar functionality, and 89 applications integrate with. Capsule includes a free subscription and paid Professional edition for $12/user/month.

Now, when you’ve got acquainted with the efficient web based CRM software options and ready to move the CRM records to the suitable one, it is time to think about moving CRM data from the current solution to the desirable platform. Since importing the information from and to online CRM can be a challenging task, it is recommended to find a right migration to perform the task fast and securely. In this case, you can take advantage of an automated migration service Trujay and benefit from the valuable features like:

  • security regulations;
  • fields and modules mapping;
  • free Demo Migration;
  • uptime of the existing and destination CRMs;
  • no interruptions of the business processes.

Final Point

When deciding on whether or not to implement the web based CRM software, you should look at your unique business needs and make a determination based on that. So, run a free Demo Migration right now, check the service in action, as well as explore the future CRM capabilities.

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