When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do: Why Do You Need a CRM

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When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do: Why Do You Need a CRM

In order to survive under modern competition, different companies develop innovative strategies and approaches to organizing their work effectively and attract as many customers as possible. The saying goes: When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do. In search of the means to optimize your work, the vast majority of the “Romans”, meaning companies, use diverse CRM platforms. Why does the company need it? How does it help in your work? How to use them to achieve efficiency of the emperor? The answer to these questions you can find in this article.

What Is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This software, similar to Caesar, is predisposed to multitasking, which includes fulfilling different tasks simultaneously. It allows to store the customer's information, as well as follow their activities, analyze them to gain more sales opportunities. It is not just a platform, but an approach or strategy in managing clients behavior and satisfaction. It is a kind of magic wand; that makes perfect order from the chaos of contacts and company-customer interaction.

How Does CRM Help to Be On Close Terms with Customers?

In order to deal with both internal and external conflicts, a great variety of CRM platforms are developing today. They are used in different business areas, such as banking, insurance, healthcare, tourism, hotel industry, etc. Still, they vary in the way they perform the function. Essential for the company is to know the potential of the CRM system, to use it most productively. This is how the business succeeds from applying CRMs.

Discerning and Converting the Leads

CRM system helps to improve the customer engagement.You may easily integrate your CRM with your website to track different activities there, like registration, subscription, signing in, etc. After that, you can start collaborating with them and attracting clients attention. With the help of CRM, it is also possible to distinguish among the leads, who are ready for active cooperation, the ones, that need more time to be converted, and others who require even more engagement from your side. All in all, it gives the opportunity to put the efforts in the right direction.

Work Optimization

Implementing many different types of customer engagement activities, you may find rather complicated to outline the most beneficial actions. CRM platform does this work for you in most cases and allows to see what content or channel engages the customers most productively. In other words, it fulfills the essential function of identifying the crucial point; that prompts the customers to buy.

Following Octavian's Rules or Principle of CRM Automation

For the companies that have a large number of clients, significance of CRM can be compared to Coliseum that means much to Romans. The emperor could gather aristocrats, simple people, slaves, and gladiators in one place - Coliseum. CRM is a kind of metaphor for it. Managing the great amount of customers is impossible when you carry out them manually. The automated system arranges the contacts and serves as an optimal instrument to communicate with them. It shows more and less active clients, last date of any reaching out and the way of interaction with them. Having this information allows you to approach the customers in the most efficient way.

However, CRM is very useful not only for large but for small businesses as well. With the optimal organization of the contacts, small companies can save time and put more effort in other fields of their work. Client management system provides you with a powerful springboard for future achievements and growth.

Legions' Achievements as a Team

Roman legions have gained the popularity because of their perfectly organized teamwork. They were trained to act like one organism to overcome the enemies. Isn’t the teamwork in the company the same Roman legions? CRM contributes to an improvement of colleagues cooperation. Effective division and organization of labor prompt the prosperity of the company. Logical data storage prevents the employers from the following mistakes:

  • connecting the same client at the same time, or reaching out them too often;
  • letters, sent by mistake;
  • missed telephone calls that were planned previously, etc.

Moreover, it happens, that one co-worker cannot lead the client temporarily. In this case, they can pass their responsibilities to another colleague not to lose this client. So CRM platforms allow making the communication within the team quick and effective.

Treating Every Client Like an Emperor

The undeniable strength of CRM is the fact, that the companies can treat their customers following the individual approach. Consequently, it helps to improve relationships with them. From ancient times we know, that people love only those rulers, who care about them. Those emperors were praised most in the Roman empire, who contributed to culture and the wellbeing of the folks. People need to feel, that the company sincerely takes care of them, instead of simply forcing them to buy. It builds the subtle thread of trust, which promotes the long-term partnership.

With the help of CRM application, you may organize the work according to the client's needs and requirements. This system allows identifying loyal and regular customers, to encourage them in different ways, providing them fresh information about the company updates and upcoming events, suggesting them some special offers, etc. If you know the communication preferences of the clients, you may access them in the most suitable way and period. CRM service enables the companies to deal with their complaints efficiently, handling them in time. With the accession of customers’ satisfaction grows the possibility of their retention too.

Permanent Access to the Data

At the gladiatorial battles won strongest and fastest one. Times have changed, but the principles of the winners are still the same. In today’s world speed and accuracy are most appreciated as well. CRM system helps the company to keep abreast of time. It is possible to access the CRM from any device anywhere and anytime. You are not tied to your computers anymore, that prompts the mobility and productivity of the business.

Following the Customers’ Activity

CRM allows tracking the activity of the customers. It means that the companies can see the preferences of the target audience to arrange own actions in the most efficient way. At the same time, it becomes possible to forecast the future actions of the clients and their needs more accurately.

To sum it all up, CRM is not a cure-all, but it is a powerful tool for customers management, that provides logically organized database:

  • to control multiple channels of interaction,
  • to analyze continuously gathered information,
  • to make appropriate decisions for the effective organization.

Thousands of companies have already benefited from CRM usage. Do you want to be one of them? If yes, get ready for impending prosperity.

P.S. You already use the CRM, but it doesn’t face your expectations entirely? In this case, you can try the other one. With Trujay you can migrate your data from one CRM to another. Don’t let the old CRM stand on the way to your success!

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