The Answer to Why Change CRM in 2019

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The Answer to Why Change CRM in 2019

Would you agree with the statement that it is hard to imagine a successful business that does not use CRM? Probably, it is impossible to overestimate the importance of CRM.

Nevertheless, many companies continue using spreadsheets or alike ways to collect, organize and analyze information.

It is pretty common and appears there’s no need to change anything and the comparison CRM vs another CRM vs Database has no sense.

But it is not true. Look here to see why CRM is important for an organization.


The Real Value of CRM

The well suited and customized CRM can give you a lot of benefits:

  • help you to improve the Sales team and Characteristics of the Marketing,
  • assure team performance,
  • give an opportunity to manage the business from a single dashboard wherever you are,
  • help to build a robust customer relationship management strategy,
  • and many other great things.

But what if you use the CRM for many years, already spent tons of time, efforts and funds for it, and that solution always satisfied your business needs, but now it doesn't anymore?

You keep investing in a CRM system to get new features, customization, support, and other upgrades but it still doesn’t work for you.

Usually, it is the most visible sign for the company owner that it is time to change the platform.

Capterra presented an analysis regarding the top reasons for the CRM migration:

  • it is not enough of functionality the current platform offers;
  • the stoped own development;
  • your budget can’t stand the CRM’s cost as it became too high;
  • your company has overgrown the solution;
  • the team couldn’t implement the solution by themselves as it required additional training.

Accordingly, if your company faced one or several above-mentioned issues, it's a sign that probably it’s time to change the CRM.

Many users do not want to move from CRM they are using because they have invested much in the existing solution.

But the ones who did it noticed that the advantages they’ve received thanks to the migration are definitely worthy of making the switch.

Let’s take a closer look at the main signs to migrate and get CRM benefits for business, create strong customer relationship management strategy, enhance marketing and boost sales.  


5 Signs to Migrate CRM to Fully-Featured Platform

Statistics by Software Advice, that indicate why reps do not want to implement CRM into the workflow.

why change crm top dislikes


Here is the detailed list of possible issues that signal it’s time to change CRM.


  1. Outgrown Company Size

That’s the first and probably the most significant mark.

It happens if the current solution still suits small business and you are an enterprise. It was suitable when you were starting but now your business is much bigger and powerful with numerous departments and team members. So, as your organization’s capacities increased together with the business objectives, you need advanced tools to manage company processes efficiently.

The outdated solution can move the company to the crush because of the lack of necessary abilities.

To the word, they can be present in other CRM.

But you won’t ever try it if continue using the unsuitable CRM.

The possible benefits of CRM if it is updated in time:

  • if your CRM supports IP telephony (VoIP), you can make calls straight from the solution,
  • the scripts can automate workflows and consumer-facing business processes,
  • integrate with 3rd party apps and enable the digital signature use,
  • etc.

In another hand, here are the possible issues if your platform is outmoded:

  • the database will be getting old without regular updates,
  • the functionality options will become obsolete,
  • integrations with modern apps for sales and marketing can be impossible,
  • you will spend too much time to boost events while it could be done automatically.


  1. The complexity of CRM Platform

Obtaining CRM with a wide functionality usually appears like a great idea. But it is not always so.

If your business does not have complexity workflow but you are a small trader or there is no big team so no need to assure a special ecosystem, most of the features will not ever be used. Moreover, they can even confuse business processes.

why change crm


  1. Poor User Experience

Can you imagine the situation when employees refuse using the CRM system? It seems to be bad. But what if that scenario appears with your sales team?  

To conclude.

  • Choosing a new platform, do not ever forget about people who will use it. Means do your best to find the one solution that will help your team to grow yet will not confuse it.
  • Besides, don’t forget about education and training for the employees before the CRM implementation.  


  1. Inefficient GDPR Functionality

By using CRM, you will gather, store and use customers’ personal information. But do not ever forget that every activity must be compliant with General Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The new legislative demands can and, actually, do impact on business processes like sales, marketing, and others. If the company is uncompliant with GDPR, it may cost much money.

Check out if the CRM is GDPR-compliant to avoid legal problems and ease the burden of obtaining and storing clients’ permissions in a lawful way.

Take it very seriously, and if your current CRM platform doesn’t meet GDPR requirements better leave it.


  1. Bad Vendor Support

Poor support is another major symptom you have to change CRM because your team will need in-depth training when adopting and implementing a new CRM solution or in case of any significant upgrades.

Or, if something went wrong, you caught a bug or some misalignment, it is important to be sure that you will not stay with the problem face-to-face, absolutely alone.

If the chosen vendor does not guarantee reliable support, think is it worth to risk your business productivity and growth.

So, pick up a CRM vendor that will provide you with hands-on, pieces of training and strong support.


To Submit

If you see any of the symptoms, it’s time to act immediately and migrate to the CRM that will meet your business requirements.


CRM change: Best Practice

Take advantage of the automated migration service Trujay (Trujay) to move data from the existing solution to the future one with few clicks.

why change crm by data2crm


Step-by-Step Migration Tutorial

  1. Go to Wizard and register your account or get one-click access via Social media, Google account, as Salesforce/Hubspot user.
  2. Choose and grant access to your current and future CRM.
  3. Map users, modules, data fields properly, save mapping and launch Sample migration.
  4. Avalue the results and launch Full Migration if everything is satisfying.

If not, it is possible to change migration settings and re-launch Sample import as many times as needed.  

Also, feel free to schedule a call with Trujay experts and get useful insights. Online chat is also available.



Your business processes and the team can give other signs to change CRM. So, be attentive to each of them, take into account the mentioned tips, and self-diagnose your CRM solution.

Move a part of your real data from the current CRM solution to the chosen one for free by running Sample import.

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