Why to Consider a Customized CRM

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Why to Consider a Customized CRM

Selecting a right CRM platform for your business can be a rather challenging task. Many CRM vendors try to sell features and abilities that some companies might not need at all. In the end, you have the same data model as all the other customers and your competitors.

But a CRM should be a weapon to use against other contestants, to be better than the others. It should perfectly fit the company to give the expected results.

Check out 5 reasons why to consider a customized CRM platform instead of standard options to make the CRM work for you to the fullest, offered by Capterra.

Custom Data Model

Data model defines the way data is stored, accessed and structured. Almost every CRM has a multi-tenant database, which means that data model is arranged and structured by vendors. So that, each CRM customer, as well as your competitors, use the same sample. To make the most out of the CRM, it is recommended to adjust the system to your needs and requirements. A lot of CRM solutions allow its users to add extra fields, which makes it sometimes difficult to find the needed information.

There are CRM platforms that allow creating custom database. It means, CRM data model is specially designed to meet your particular needs and requirements. This also means you are the one who uses such a model.

Custom Workflows

A workflow is consistency of actions you take to get the work done. Everything matters, how you find and support customers, sell and deliver your product, it all makes a difference.

When using `traditional` workflows, it doesn’t incorporate all the processes in your company and sometimes can make you perform unneeded work.

There are CRM vendors that offer custom, integrated workflows. Customized CRM that matches your workflows, saves your time and simplifies the work that needs to be done. What is more, it makes your business stand out.

Level of Automation

CRM automation was created to save up time and increase efficiency. Mostly every CRM has built in some level of automation. The automation level is taken from customers’ feedback, and sometimes vendors tend to include rather more than less automated features to claim the solution as time-saving as possible. Everyone agrees that automation is great. You just press the button and the system does the needed work. But what if the included automation is not something your business needs? Or your workflow requires some special automated actions?

Having customized CRM, you get automated steps that fit perfectly your work, adjust to any processes change. That means saved time where it needs to be saved and no aimless automated actions.

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Ease of Use

Mostly every CRM is set up based on the customers’ feedbacks. All the navigation, screen layouts, fields - everything is made for the average customer. But does it fits your company? Is it simple to use for your team?

Having a CRM that is set up to match your custom data model and workflows, is expected to be as easy to use as possible. Your CRM should be organized in a way your work is organized.


Some CRM vendors offer built in dashboards and graphics. However, it doesn’t mean that your business will benefit from them. The standard dashboards might not fit your company.

Having a customized report feature that measures things the way you want and need to, is a great option to have. In this way, you are more likely to make right decisions regarding your business growth.  

To Sum Up

Even though a customized CRM may sound too complicated, compared to a default one, there are a lot more benefits. Having a CRM platform customized to your company’s needs and requirement, gives you more privilege amount the others and your competitors.

If you want to try out a new CRM solution, you can do that by importing some amount of your data into the desired platform by running a free Demo Migration.

Don't wait up, start using a CRM solution today!

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