Why Use Salesforce CRM for Your Business Success

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Why Use Salesforce CRM for Your Business Success

Finding the right CRM system that hits all your business requirements can be tough. Even if you just began the research, you have probably observed Salesforce mentioned the multiple times in the blog posts, reviews, comments, etc. The solution is one of the most popular and biggest platform in the CRM game for small to large organizations, but why use Salesforce?

Strong Reasons Why Use Salesforce CRM: Pricing and Features Overview

Founded in 1999, Salesforce currently has over 4 million users with last year revenue $8 billion. Besides, according to CRM market share analysis, Salesforce usage statistics are the following:

why use salesforce crm

So, if you are looking for information on the first-level sales software, you have come to the right place. Since Salesforce obtains 4 fully customizable subscriptions, let’s take a look closer at the editions, determine which one fits you best and the reasons why use Salesforce. 

1. Salesforce IQ CRM Starter - $25/user/month/billed annually

The first version for Sales Cloud is up for 5 users and ready-to-go out of the box. This gives an opportunity for small businesses to save a lot of time and efforts. Besides, the platform is a smart choice for the organizations that have one list of leads and don’t require many add-ons. You can customize the sales tracking, get the automatic data capture, and easily collaborate with your employees. Also, the first edition offers the effective online training resources for your team.

2. Lightning Professional - $75/user/month/billed annualy

The subscription includes a respectable amount of flexibility and functionality for the price. In case you are searching for a lot of transparency across the sales team’s activities and interested in AppExchange product add-ons, this edition can be a great fit for your company. You can take advantage of the customizable dashboards and reports, as well as the mobile CRM capabilities. Furthermore, easily set up Salesforce CPQ, mass email, Sales Data and more.

3. Lightning Enterprise - $150/user/month/billed annually

The edition is the most popular choice for Salesforce customers. You get all capabilities of Lightning Professional plus powerful features like the advanced forecasting, team selling, and enterprise territory management. If you decide to select this version, you can leverage the native workflow and automation functionality while integrating with other databases. Besides, the automatic task assignments and approval processes simplify a task of managing the company policy.  

4. Lightning Unlimited - $300/user/month/billed annually

The edition attracts many companies with its power, customizability, and support. With tons of storage and space to boot, you get the Enterprise capabilities, as well as the ultimate online training, admin services, and 24/7 support. Furthermore, the Unlimited offers the multiple Developer Pro Sandboxes for testing of the new processes without disrupting other users. It is a beneficial plus for the companies that are constantly evolving.

By and large, the above-mentioned Salesforce capabilities identify the platform's well-earned reputation and confirmes the reasons why use Salesforce. So, the platform is considered unique for the 3 major reasons:

  1. Fast: The traditional CRM can take more than a year to deploy, Salesforce takes months or even weeks to be implemented.

  2. Easy: Salesforce is simple-to-use, so you can spend more time putting it to use and less time figuring the functionality out.

  3. Effective: A number of the customization options help you meet your business requirements swiftly and improve your company's bottom line.

So, if you are searching for an efficient way to enhance the company's productivity and increase ROI, Salesforce data import is a process to consider.

CRM Migration is a Simple Way to the Business Growth

One of the significant steps of the successful CRM transfer is finding the effective migration tool to perform the process accurately. An automated migration service Trujay can help you complete the importing data into Salesforce with the help of the valuable functionality:

  • security regulations guarantee the elimination of any data loss;   
  • users and fields mapping enables your with moving records in accordance with your business requirements;
  • free Demo Migration provides you with possibility to check the service in action;
  • uptime of the current and future CRMs excludes any interruptions of the organization processes.

Importing Data into Salesforce Smoothly

The preparation procedure is a core step towards the data transition, so consider a few actions to take before the migration:

  • analyze data and clean out the redundant and unnecessary items;  
  • prepare a backup not to lose any items;
  • run a 30-day Salesforce trial to check the functionality;
  • inform your employees about the upcoming CRM import.

After that, check out a quick guide to perform the migration fast and securely:

  1. Register your account at https://app.trujay.com/migration.

  2. Specify the existing and future CRM access credentials.

  3. Map the modules and launch a free Demo Migration.

  4. Check the results of the test transfer, and proceed with Salesforce import.

When the most challenging part is over, take into consideration a few more post-migration actions for successful Salesforce implementation:

  • explore whether all records imported in right places;
  • build the personalized workflow rules;
  • set up the specific filters for reporting;
  • equip your colleagues with the required tutorials.

Bottom Line

Being one of the superior CRM systems, Salesforce confirmed the  goes far beyond the traditional platform. So, the successful Salesforce data import can assure your business success, improved team performance, and enhanced customer experience.

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