Why Your Solution Should Include These 5 CRM Features?

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Why Your Solution Should Include These 5 CRM Features?

In today’s hyper-connected and dynamic business environment, efficiently developing the customer relationships is critical to success. To maintain the effective client experience and stay ahead of the competition, your company requires a robust CRM system.

Choosing a Right CRM: What to Look for?

There is a broad range of lists that numbers CRM features. However, only some companies demand all functionality options. Here are 5 most important CRM features every business needs to manage the unique customer interactions, improve user experience and clarify business processes:

#1 Ease of Use

According to Inside CRM, 55% of businesses are searching for an intuitive and simple platform. Finding a straightforward system helps you get over the initial hurdle of improving user experience and your team’s overall job satisfaction. Besides, CRM can streamline the workflow, keep your team organized, and increase productivity.

#2 Contact Management

The Gleanster research states that 74% of the successful companies implement an automated lead nurturing into their working process. For better connection with customers, you need to track potential clients as they progress through the sales pipeline.

From the first contact to closing a deal, record and retrieve all prospects’ information. Manage your contacts efficiently by taking advantage of the calendar and follow-up reminders. Besides, the solution should assist you in creating tickets for customer support and sharing the insights between departments.

#3 Integrated Analytics

The Accenture report indicates the reason why 55% of surveyed customers remain loyal to business: the company always keeps up with the client’s needs. The efficient reporting can provide you with filtering and reviewing the prospects’ data, make it easier to determine the customers’ requirements and identify the future decisions and opportunities.

#4 Mobile Access

The Nucleus Research determines that mobile CRM shortens the sales cycle and increases the reps’ productivity by 26.4%. This feature enables you with immediate access to important data like the account history, recently purchased products, and up-to-date pricing on a go. In case you attend the multiple meetings, the mobile CRM serves to submit the orders as soon as they are agreed, instead of waiting for returning to the office.

#5 Customization Options

According to Econsultancy, 67% of the customers try out different platforms while deciding to make a purchase. They want to ensure the solutions suit their business and strategy. Choose a flexible and customizable CRM to build the workflow to fulfill your organization’s requirements.

Which Platform Obtains the Must-Have CRM Features?

Some business owners believe that CRM is not one-size-fits-all. Before you start searching for the solution with the critical functionality mentioned-above; explore your business needs to narrow the choices. This shortlist of platforms will enhance your hunt for an ideal CRM.

  • SugarCRM is a popular solution that includes extensive customization options and offers social CRM capabilities, as well as integrates with 92 applications.

  • Insightly is an intuitive platform that stands out for the linking ability, Advanced, and Legacy Reports and offers 45 integrated choices.

  • Bitrix24 is a social intranet that provides the built-in telephony, social search, advanced time management tools and connects with 14 other applications.

  • HubSpot CRM is a simple-to-use tool that attracts you with efficient templates, Sidekick extension and provides 11 integrated options.

  • Zoho is an efficient way to improve customer experience with workflow and inventory management, as well as 125 integration possibilities.

  • PipelineDeals is the sales software with a powerful set of tools for efficient sales like team management and 23 integration opportunities.

Now, when you got acquainted with the core CRM features and had a chance to select a suitable CRM, migrate to SugarCRM, Insightly, Bitrix24, HubSpot CRM, Zoho or PipelineDeals. Move your information with an automated migration service Trujay by taking advantage of the following features:

Security Compliance

You can skip a thought about any data loss during the migration with Trujay. The SaaS treats all data privately and provides the opportunity to sign up the Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Data Mapping

The SaaS gives you an opportunity to map the fields during the migration. In case you see that some fields are not mapped, choose the available choices. If you have the records on the current CRM and don’t obtain the appropriate ones on the future CRM, create the custom fields to move the items. In case the destination CRM disallows to access a list of custom fields, use a Service Package to complete the task.

Free Demo Migration

Trujay offers a free Demo Migration and transfers a limited amount of records. Some entities of selected modules may not be transferred as the data arbitrarily chosen for the transition obtain no relations with other records. During full migration, all information will be moved.  

CRM Uptime

Eliminate the possibility of the platforms’ downtime. The service excludes any business interruptions during migration.


Trujay packages include the deduplication feature to clean out the copies and unnecessary information. The SaaS merges the same items during CRM migration.

CRM is not a magic bullet to turn your business into prosperity. The thorough investigation of the right CRM features and efficient transition tool can help you achieve the desired results. Don’t wait up, use the automated migration service Trujay to import data to SugarCRM, Insightly, Bitrix24, HubSpot CRM, Zoho or PipelineDeals effortlessly.

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