Workable Guidance to Salesforce to Solve360 Migration [Video]

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Workable Guidance to Salesforce to Solve360 Migration [Video]

The appearance of CRM technology has switched the course of business development and innovate the customer relationships advancement. So, these solutions become a newest resource of increasing competitiveness. Many businesses use CRM platforms, but the cloud solutions take over the popularity. Among the most effective and practical, you may think about Salesforce to Solve360 migration.

What Are the Characteristics of the Effective CRM?

There is a cultivated myth that the more options and features has your CRM, the more prolific performance will you have. Thus, this is far from the truth. More often companies migrate their data from the full-featured platforms to less elaborate and more practical. One of such example is the data migration from Salesforce to Solve360. The main aspects that the most organizations need in CRM system are

  • comprehensive lead and contact manager
  • automation of sales, marketing, and workflow
  • project and task management for planning and distributing the responsibilities
  • real-time reports and analytics tools
  • built-in file sharing collaboration options
  • scalability, customization and integration scope

Planning CRM Data Transfer

Initiating your record switch process, you have to develop a clear strategy with a definite result. While drawing up your rolling out project, you need to deal with your database and improve its quality. To avoid any problems that may lurk, review your records for copies and check up grammar and semantic correctness. After detecting the shared mistakes, create a set of rules for preempting them in future. Another important aspect is employees’ trainings. The way your team uses CRM will influence overall performance and, therefore, revenue rates. So, before you set up your Salesforce to Solve360 migration, conduct user training for all departments and crushing course for administrators - just to ensure fast and effective adoption.

Value of Automated Migration

Records transfer is lasting and cumbersome process that requires time and efforts to manage it, as well as deal with potential blunders. Thus, you will overcome these incidents with the automated service Trujay. The SaaS works online without extra installations and supplies you with a direct data transfer in a couple of hours.

Why to Choose Trujay for Your Salesforce to Solve360 Migration

salesforce to solve360

How to Accomplish Salesforce to Solve360 Migration

To ensure the success of your CRM initiative, you should take care of your database. First of all, clean it from duplicates, missing fields and noisy data. Then backup it on a hard drive or another device to avoid damage or loss (check on "How to Make a Salesforce Backup?"). As well, train your team how to use the new CRM. The way they will use it will set the further course of your business development. So, your data is on Solve360, and the next step should be checking out itcorrectness. After mailboxes and other add-ons integration, you need to set up user roles and access permissions. It is of vital importance to create specific workflows and define the conditions to reports. Be careful with system tailoring, overcustomized CRM becomes hard to adopt.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Accurate Salesforce to Solve360 Data Transfer

Step 1. Create your account at


Step 2. Select your Salesforce from a menu and permit Trujay the access by clicking ‘Allow’ button. Login to your account.
Next, Provide your Solve360 URL, login and API token.

Step 3. Select options you want to switch (contacts, accounts, opportunities and tasks) and run a free demo to see the service in action.

Step 4. If you are satisfied with the demo results, start your full Salesforce to Solve360 migration.

Final Notes

As you can see, with Trujay, you will transfer your data to Solve360 in a direct and accurate mode. So, don’t wait up and start your free Demo Migration and extend the boundaries of your business today.

P.S. Have some custom modules, fields or any other non-default data? Request custom CRM migration and Trujay teams easily handles your data transfer in accordance to your business needs.

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