Zoho to Bitrix24: Instructive Hints for Quality Migration [Tutorial]

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Zoho to Bitrix24: Instructive Hints for Quality Migration [Tutorial]

Customer relationships and business running become simple like never before with the help of CRM solutions. By now, this systems automate baseline processes, enhance daily round and improve communication inside and outside the company. Yet, there are 2 issues that bother business owners - which CRM to choose and how migrate the records to it.

Assets of Hosted CRM Solutions

The heated debate run around the on-premise vs on-demand CRM solutions. However, the point in favor of the cloud systems are valid and convincing:

    • anytime and anywhere access to the company database
    • providing high-end technologies for any size businesses
    • cost reducing along with uptime and productivity increase

Taking into account common objectives and concerns, many businesses find Zoho and Bitrix24 as beneficial and practical options for a remarkable company improvement.

Zoho vs Bitrix24: Tools for Lucrative Business Performance

Every CRM system has strong sides and some drawbacks, and before


you should review your front-line processes in order to realize what tools and features you require for their accomplishment. So, let find out why some companies give preference and shift their businesses

from Zoho to Bitrix24


    • more options of CRM available with a free Bitrix24 edition
    • automation of business processes and system scalability
    • scope for synchronization and integration with your website
    • advanced analytics and sales funnel for managing performance and reducing the duration of customer sales journeys
    • segmentation tool and a built-in option of phone and video calls
    • Bitrix24 drive for document storage and sharing, social intranet for inside collaboration and company domain

There is no fit-all-business CRM solution, yet, with Bitrix24 you have a wide range of tools that come with an attractive price. Nevertheless, you should choose the most suitable platform that will help you deal with company routine effectively, as well as improve your performance.

Automated CRM Migration As A Practical Approach

The process of CRM data switch is a daunting task with a number of obstacles and potential pitfalls. However, you may overcome them by means of a web-based solution Trujay. This SaaS may migrate your data from Zoho to Bitrix24 in a fast, direct and accurate manner. Besides, there is no need in file importing or coding.

Handy Guidance for Zoho to Bitrix24 Records Transfer

Step 1. Go to Bitrix24 application directory and install Trujay plugin on your Bitrix account.

Provide your Bitrix24 URL in the corresponding field.


Then click ‘Install’ to add the application to your Bitrix24 account.

Step 2. Choose your Zoho CRM and provide your email and a password.
Step 3. Select your Bitrix24 CRM from a drop-down menu and provide your URL.
Step 4. Pick out CRM modules you want to switch (accounts, contacts, tasks, opportunities and leads). Set up a free demo. During this procedure, Trujay will transfer a limited amount of records of each specified entity.
Step 5.  If you are impressed with demo results, start your full Zoho to Bitrix24 migration.

Feel hesitant about automated data transfer? Don’t miss a chance of setting up a free demo migration. Give Trujay a shot and see the service in action.

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