Zoho CRM Overview & Guide For the Beginners

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Zoho CRM Overview & Guide For the Beginners

Do you know that Zoho CRM is one of the most popular online CRM systems and is used by more than 10 million users? That’s breath-taking! This customer relationship management platform was nominated as “Product of the Year” by InfoWorld in 2009, “Best Enterprise Start-Up” by TechCrunch in 2007, "Expert’s Choice Award 2015" and "Great User Experience Certificate 2017" by FinanceOnline. So, let’s take a deep dive in those reasons that make millions of people all over the globe gravitate towards Zoho. Take your time and let’s get started Zoho CRM Overview.

Rock and Roll Your Sales with Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM with its SFA (Sales Force Automation) is an automated solution that helps to increase your business’ revenue. Using Zoho CRM, you will be armed with everything you need to create a business relationship. It concentrates on leads generation, deals making and in general opportunities for customer engagement. So, what exactly makes this CRM so popular? Pay attention to Zoho CRM Overview of its top 7 advantages:

#1 Low-cost CRM 

There is Free option for up to 3 users that includes leads, documents, mobile apps, 24/7 support and more..

Also, the users can choose one of the paid editions regarding their business needs and financial possibilities.

- Standard plan - $12/user (billed annually plus tax, as applicable) - Sales forecasting, scoring rules, charts and KPIs, document library, roles and profiles, custom fields, call center connectors, webforms, secure, encrypted transmission and more.

- Professional - $20/user (billed annually plus tax, as applicable) - Includes everything in Standard, Email integration, Social CRM
Sales Signals, Workflows and Macros, Blueprint - Process management, Inventory management, Unlimited records, Google AdWords integration.

- Enterprise - $35/user/month (billed annually plus tax, as applicable) - Includes everything in Professional, Zia Voice - Conversational AI, Multi-user Portals, Target meters, Anomaly detectors, Predictive AI, Custom modules and buttons, Mobile SDK and app distribution, Conditional fields, Subforms, Encryption at Rest.

- Ultimate - $100/user/month (billed annually plus tax, as applicable) - Includes everything in Enterprise, Dedicated database cluster, Free Premium support, Automation suggestions, Data enrichment, Enhanced storage, Email sentiment.

No matter what version (standard, professional or enterprise) you take – you’ll get a rich CRM system. Moreover, while making Zoho CRM overview it is worth saying that it is very user-friendly and easy to use software.

#2 Feature-rich CRM 

Zoho CRM offers you to manage leads, accounts and contacts as separate modules, as well as enables the automation, analytics, and inventory management. You’ll be equipped with all you need to manage business deals, sales, and orders. All these actions can be done within a few simple clicks. Zoho CRM’s sales opportunity tracking module offers an exclusive interface to structurize information related with fields like stage, probability and expected revenue.

#3 Data Reporting CRM 

One more useful opportunity of Zoho is its report modules. You can export CRM data in any format you want or need (Excel, PDF or CSV). Further, you can create charts using your CRM data. And after that, you may provide a different kind of specification into any of your charts. It will help you to analyze and identify plays of improvement. Let's continue making Zoho CRM Overview.

#4 Practical CRM 

This all-in-one CRM solution is developed in a way that minimizes the number of steps needed to perform any action. The workflow allows you to create and assign tasks of business processes in a fully automated way.

#5 Social CRM

Having been asserted as an advanced solution, Zoho CRM provides an excellent opportunity of social media synchronization. It offers an opportunity to reply your clients in Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Facebook from a single dashboard.

#6 Mobile CRM 

This CRM software can be naturally synchronized with any mobile device. You will be able to send emails, create tasks, edit or delete any records from smartphone or tablet device.

#7 CRM with Professional Support 

That is the last but not least point in Zoho CRM overview. The team provides 24/7 support with two days response for clients who use a free version and 1 day for those who use a paid one. Moreover, Zoho CRM provides a various kind of video tutorials, user guides, FAQs and a blog that includes a lot of helpful information.

To Wrap It All Up

Making Zoho CRM overview, it is worth saying that Zoho is indisputably one of the most famous and powerful CRM systems. It provides users with all the necessary features for successful company management.

Feeling inspired to start with Zoho CRM? Don’t wait up and turn your dream into reality!

Migrate your current Customer Relationship Management data directly to Zoho using Data Migration. That is, transfer a part of your real data ans see how it looks in Zoho. That is free and secure option. Make a step forward to your business prosperity right away.

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