Zoho CRM to OroCRM Migration: Put Your Game Plan in Force [How-to Guide]

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Zoho CRM to OroCRM Migration: Put Your Game Plan in Force [How-to Guide]

Zoho CRM to OroCRM Migration: Put Your Game Plan in Force [How-to Guide]

A successful company requires an improvement of workforce skills, cost reducing and provides all the necessary resources for increasing revenue levels. The far-reaching business owners incorporate a chess strategy for predicting market changes and customer’s interests. Due to CRM software, the planning and accomplishing of objectives become straightforward and more effective. However, each CRM platform has features and tools that facilitate company’s performance. Here raises the question about the choice the most appropriate and scalable system that will grow along with your business.

Among numerous alternatives, Zoho and OroCRM are strong competitors with scalable and customizable options. Zoho is a cloud CRM solution with wealth and efficient feature and tool sets for running profitable sales and satisfying customer’s needs. OroCRM is relatively new CRM platform that draws attention of the vendors audience to its useful opportunities and wise marketing approaches. So, the following comparison of both solutions will help you to come up with the final decision.

Zoho vs OroCRM: Prepare the Ground for Success

  • Zoho provides you with a full picture of the customer and geographical segmentation for elaboration of targeted campaigns. OroCRM offers to view your clients through various dashboards and divides them into groups according to specified by you criteria.
  • You may design and track targeted campaigns with Zoho. Apart from creating and monitoring your projects, OroCRM enables you with summary reports and timeline graphics of each stage of the campaign.
  • Zoho, as well as OroCRM, provides you with a powerful and workflow for optimizing company performance and automating main business processes. However, OroCRM offers a unique opportunity of customization this tool for B2B or B2C strategy.
  • With Zoho analytics, you can measure the profits and losses, analyze performance of your staff and separate workers as well. OroCRM provides you with standard and personalized reports that calculate company’s ROI and offer a basis for future projects. You can also analyze the closed and failed deals in order to improve your profits.

As you can see, these CRM platforms have strong and weak sides and don’t give up easily at the business battlefield. Nevertheless, OroCRM offers convincing tools for accomplishing of business strategies. So, the migration from Zoho to OroCRM looks like a wise step. Still, the final decision will be made by you.

Merits of Automated Migration

You find OroCRM as an advanatageous alternative, but considering about secure Zoho to OroCRM migration? Trujay, web-based service, may transfer your CRM data in a fast, direct and automated way. The migration procedure requires only few simple steps.

Zoho to OroCRM Migration:

Step 1. Register Your Trujay Account

Go to the https://app.trujay.com and accomplish a quick sign up. Provide your username and password.


Step 2. Define Your Zoho Details

Choose your Zoho CRM type from a drop-down menu. Provide your email and password.


Step 3. Specify Your OroCRM Details

Select your OroCRM type from the list. Specify your login and API key. To get it, log in to your admin account, go to ‘My User’ and copy and paste your API key into a corresponding field of the wizard.


Step 4. Choose Migration Options

Specify the CRM entities (accounts, contacts, leads, tasks and opportunities) you are willing to move to OroCRM. The service may transfer all modules or only specified. Run free Demo Zoho to OroCRM migration and evaluate the work of service. Trujay may transfer up to 10 items of chosen modules.

Step 5. Start Full Zoho to OroCRM Migration

If you are delighted with the results of Demo, push the button and start your Full Zoho to OroCRM Migration with a lightning speed.

You bided you time for this unique and beneficial opportunity. So, don’t miss the chance and start your Free Demo Zoho to OroCRM migration right now!

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