Zoho CRM to OroCRM: Migration with a Good Turn of Speed [Tutorial]

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Zoho CRM to OroCRM: Migration with a Good Turn of Speed [Tutorial]

Every business owner would like to provide customers with the impressive buying experience, optimize work among departments and get high profits. You may think that it is odd to compare Zoho (1996) and OroCRM (2012). The first one has already gained its regular and loyal users, while OroCRM just starts its route in winning would-be vendors using the effective feature and tool sets.So, let’s make a closer view at these CRM platforms.

Zoho: Become Out of Ordinary Company

Zoho is an on-demand CRM software that offers the sales and marketing automation, as well as other efficient tools. So, you can track more leads and clients for improving the deals accomplishment. Zoho provides you with customer management, email marketing and various web-forms for getting more prospects.

  • Using territory management, you can segment your customers into groups according to their geographical position. This option will help you to design targeted offers and unique projects for specific groups of clients.
  • Apart from document management, Zoho offers you real-time chats and social network inside the company that will enhance the data sharing and collaboration among that will improve the data sharing and collaboration among departments.
  • Every day you get an excessive amount of messages and find it difficult to cope with them all. Zoho can integrate your email boxes and host your inbox.
  • Workflow management is a great tool that optimizes company’s work, automates primary business processes and eliminates the time-consuming manual work. So, you can create rules that will trigger alert and emails sending, distribute tasks, update the data, follow-up the records.
  • Analytics is the inevitable part of running profitable sales. Zoho report ability offers you detailed sales reports; forecast targeted profit and monitor departments performance.

OroCRM: Drum Up Your Business

OroCRM is rich-featured CRM platform that hosts its users on-premise or works like SaaS solution. Sales management and marketing automation enhance the level of your revenue and increase the quality of your services. You can easily track your leads, contacts, and accounts across various channels and create innovative and unique campaigns and offers.

  • OroCRM enables you with a customer segmentation tool that will separate them according to buying history, engagement in campaigns and behavior tracking. Using this option, you will provide the high-leveled customer service and improve the conversion.
  • Organization management is a great opportunity for building the sophisticated ecosystem for interaction within the teams and departments. You can provide your workers with the access to the certain data and option of managing business units and sales channels.
  • You can integrate your OroCRM platform with the shopping carts and get some additional channels.
  • Except for general work optimization, the workflow increases your collaboration with clients using designing specific tasks. You can create pipelines and workflow for monitoring teams performance, stages of sale cycles and track customers buying behavior.
  • Improve your campaign planning and profit forecasting with reporting option. OroCRM provides you with standard analytics, as well as the ability to designing various filters for extended reporting.

Power of Suggestion

You are certain that OroCRM is the most appropriate solution that will fulfill your business potential, but still confused with the migration process? Trujay provides you with the unparalleled opportunity of an automated, accurate and effortless migration from Zoho to OroCRM. The service has an intuitive interface and requires no coding skills.

Spare Few Minutes of Your Time and Watch This Video-Tutorial of Zoho to OroCRM Migration

Zoho to OroCRM Migration: 6 Steps to CRM of Your Dream

Step 1. Create Your Trujay Account

Go to app.trujay.com and sign up.


Step 2. Specify Your Source CRM

Specify your Zoho details: email and password.


Step 3. Provide Your Target CRM Details

Select OroCRM from the drop-down list and provide your login and API key. To find it, sign in your OroCRM account, go to ‘My User’, there you’ll find your API key - copy and paste it into the corresponding box of a migration wizard.

Step 4. Select Migration Options

Choose the modules (contacts, accounts, leads, tasks and opportunities) you want to migrate to OroCRM. You can move all in once or only specified options. Run your free Demo Migration. Trujay will migrate up to 10 items of specified modules for you to evaluate the work of the service.

Step 5. Start Full Migration

If you are delighted with the results of the demo migration, start your Full Zoho to OroCRM Migration.

Your doubts bring you just time and money losses. So, start your free Zoho to OroCRM Demo Migration. Don’t wait in the wings! Step on the path of profitable and flourishing company today.

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