Zoho to SugarCRM Migration: An Open-and-Shut Instruction

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Zoho to SugarCRM Migration: An Open-and-Shut Instruction

Choosing a CRM for your company can be a challenging task. Zoho and SugarCRM are platforms that are worth to take a closer look as both are professional solutions because of their out of the box multi-functionality and flexibility. Zoho is a SaaS CRM that provides its users with a set of features for sales and marketing automation. Speaking about SugarCRM, there are 2 versions: on-demand and on-premises. This software offers tools for measure sales, deliver, track, and analyze email marketing campaigns. It should be stressed that nowadays a lot of Zoho users who have been using this software for a long time, now are willing to leave it in favor of SugarCRM. That’s why let’s clarify what are the primary reasons for migration to SugarCRM.



Why SugarCRM Is a Sweet Spot at the CRM Market?


Reason #1 SugarCRM is open-source that means various customization options. It allows adjusting the software to your business requirements.


Reason #2 User-friendly interface.

SugarCRM has a blocky-structured UI, with various different themes and fonts. This customer relationship management system has been created to help you increase productivity. For example, the “Mass Actions Menu” feature allows you to send an email or perform other actions (delete, update or add to target list contacts, e.g.) on the selected records in just one simple click.


Reason #3 Functionality.

The software offers options for organizations that require flexible and wealth-featured tools. SugarCRM provides all the necessary features to capture new leads. Besides, it offers post-deal support with full view-reports showing you all performed actions.


Reason #4 Integration possibilities.

SugarCRM provides its users with the ability of seamless synchronization with social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+) and 3rd-party services like Thunderbird, Gmail, MailChimp, Google Docs, and Calendars, etc.



Wish to be a Part of SugarCRM Glory?


Yes! But the question is how to migrate? Trujay offers the unique opportunity of automated and accurate migration. This web-based service may migrate your CRM data from Zoho to SugarCRM in a fast and secure way. Make sure; it takes you approximately a few hours to migrate leads, contacts, opportunities, tasks, accounts, and relations directly to SugarCRM.



How to Migrate from Zoho to SugarCRM in 5 Steps


Step 1. Register Your Account

Go to app.trujay.com and sign up. Provide your name, email, choose a password and point out your phone number.


Step 2. Specify Zoho CRM Data

As soon as you’re logged in, specify your Zoho details (email and password). Don’t worry about uncertified access – Trujay grants 100% privacy and data security.

Step 3. Point Out SugarCRM Details

In case you have not your SugarCRM installed yet, you may use the preview option. Trujay will migrate your data to the test CRM for you to see how it will look.

  • If you have already SugarCRM software, just check the corresponding box, and then provide the URL, login, and password.
zoho to sugarcrm

Step 4. Run Free Demo Migration

It’s recommended to run a demo. This step allows you to move a part of your CRM data (up to 10 items of following modules - accounts, tasks, options, possibilities, and users) to see how the procedure of migration looks like.

Step 5. Start Full Zoho to SugarCRM Migration

In case, you’re satisfied with the demo output, press the “Start Full Migration” button and pass the next level of business management.

zoho to sugarcrm results

Are you ready to meet SugarCRM - the software“trusted by millions worldwide”? In case you still have some hesitations, then don’t twiddle your thumbs! Register your account and start Free Demo Migration in a precise and effortless way right now. In a few minutes, you will see how your doubts will disappear into thin air.


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