Zoho and SuiteCRM Strong and Weak Sides plus Migration Guidelines [Prezi]

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Zoho and SuiteCRM Strong and Weak Sides plus Migration Guidelines [Prezi]

As they say, you should never be completely satisfied with what you do - otherwise, you stop improving and developing. The same can be applied to the tools and software you’re using. In our case - the CRM software. Oh, you don’t have one? Or you’re searching for a better option? Then, with us today are the two very decent CRM systems - Zoho and SuiteCRM - the most vibrant representatives of fully featured and low-cost CRM solutions available.

Though its name is a slightly altered abbreviation of small office/home office, this software is prepared to be useful for any business - including large and enterprise size companies, as follows from its various editions’ names and feature sets. To be fair, this still may be not the best choice for large businesses due to possible customization needs and intermediate functionality. Zoho comes as a SaaS system, no on-premise version available.

Zoho strengths

  • Affordable - Zoho belongs to a few CRMs which are affordable even for total startups - paying $12 per user a month is quite a low cost for what it offers.
  • Freemium Pricing Model - Zoho’s entrepreneur edition is free to use with no other limits than 3 users maximum, and the feature set that may soon urge you to upgrade to a paid edition
  • Fast Deployment - Zoho is quite simple to get started with and, since it’s a cloud service, doesn’t require any other hardware than the computer with Internet access.
  • Zoho Apps - the company, offers about 20 other applications that can be integrated with each other for documents or invoice management, mail and other tasks.

Zoho weak sides

  • Feature Limits - Zoho presents basic functionality for sales, marketing, and support, but lacks advanced features which are available in competitor’s editions (e.g. PPC and Adwords integration, digital marketing, website visitors tracking, robust marketing analytics, etc.).
  • Social Media Tools - Zoho lags behind here, although the feature is getting indispensable for most of the companies which want to get better connections with their clients.
  • Design - it appears that the user interface is not as intuitive as it could be, which slows down the process of learning and working with this system.

Founded quite recently - in 2013, SuiteCRM has been getting popularity at the speed of light. Developed on the base of open source version of SugarCRM, it possesses most of the features of Sugar’s Professional edition plus some more.

SuiteCRM Strengths

  • Free - this CRM is totally free to download and use on premise. For those who prefer cloud software, SaaS version is available for £10 per user a month (plus payments for telephone support, if you select this option - £5 per user).
  • Open Source - unlike ‘commercial open source’ software with limited functionality; SuiteCRM provides rich features in the downloadable version, and it works continually to extend the abilities, while all the users can contribute too.
  • Highly Customizable - possessing an open source code, SuiteCRM allows to tweak and cut it as you like to reach maximum convenience and provide for all your business requests.
  • Social Media Tools - SuiteCRM does a good job of helping you connect to your clients and stay up to date of the latest events, plus share yours.
  • Rich Functionality - as mentioned above, it offers many of the features of SugarCRM plus quotes, invoices, reporting, security, workflow modules, custom theme, etc.

SuiteCRM Weaknesses

  • New to the industry - many of the users tend to pick more “experienced” CRM solutions solely because of the young age of SuiteCRM. However, it is based on the well-known SugarCRM, and, after all, having the free version at hand, it never hurts to try it out and make your own conclusions.
  • Support - so far, SuiteCRM lacks the decent knowledge base, as well as numerous tutorials for its users, the most viable options to get your questions answered are forum and chat/email/telephone team members support.

Drawing a Bottom Line

With the info in front of you, now it’s time to think seriously of your prospective CRM and select, whether you’ll prefer Zoho to SuiteCRM migration, or vice versa. In case you’ve already started with Zoho earlier and would like to shift to the appealing SuiteCRM, it’s easy with the following prezi.

Don’t hesitate - set up your Free Demo Migration with Trujay right now to make sure your data will be moved from Zoho to SuiteCRM in the most efficient, secure and fast manner possible!

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