How to Migrate from Zoho to Pipedrive

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How to Migrate from Zoho to Pipedrive

Did you decide to make a switch between CRMs? Do you have doubts or don’t know how to migrate? 


In this article, we’ll provide statistics that don't lie and detailed instruction of migration from Zoho to Pipedrive.


Don’t miss the opportunity to increase your business efficiency and read on!



Facts about CRM that you might not know


  1. CRM is a $36 billion industry that is considered to be a priority for capital spending. It’s no wonder why companies keep investing in CRM solutions to move their business goals forward.


  1. According to Nucleus Research, the average return on investment for CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent


  1. The statistic from Forrester Research says that properly implemented CRM systems commonly produce a 245% ROI


  1. Once implemented, CRM can lead to 26% of customer retention improvement according to ReadyCloud.


  1. As a trend for 2020, CRM has to be easy to use, not complicated. 


  1. 6. Omnichannel CRM Solutions are a must. Naturally, customers get a better experience from organizations when their experience is integrated into all channels of the organization.


  1. Salesforce claims that CRM applications can help increase revenue by up to 29%, sales efficiency by up to 34%, and sales forecast accuracy by 42%.


  1. Sales reps saw their productivity increase by 26.4% when adding social networking and mobile access to CRM applications as investigated by Nucleus Research.


  1. With an average user-satisfaction score of 88%, CRM users are most satisfied with the contact and account management that CRM systems provide. (Sourced by G2’s CRM Software Research)


  1. As claimed by Software Advice, 74% of users say their CRM system gives them improved access to customer data




Why Pipedrive?


First of all, it’s important to note that Pipedrive is one of the best CRMs for 2020. Why?

Pipedrive is a CRM that focuses on sales and achieving better sales results. 


Pipedrive comes with a user-friendly UI. Its key interface is its pipeline, which allows you to stay in charge of complex sales processes. 


All the deals here are grouped by sales stages. The Deals tab lets you see all of the offers in the pipeline. 


Certain notable features on Pipedrive include:


  • E-mail integration
  • Sales Pipeline Views 
  • Google Calendar Integration,
  • CRM Target Setting
  • CRM Reporting 
  • Advanced Task Scheduler 


The Statistics tab is the most important and useful tab on Pipedrive's dashboard. It helps you track customer outcomes, the value of each individual deal, and the history of every lead operation.


Thanks to its powerful open API, Pipedrive can easily link to other applications and custom features created for it. It's also possible to import existing data to Pipedrive and export its own to other software programs. 


Visual reports give you a deeper perspective, and you can even see the main statistics separated by multiple products or services.




Before you migrate from Zoho to Pipedrive


  • Analyze and clean up your records 


Take time to figure out how your data is organized, where it resides, and what parts need extra attention. Think of what you would like to transfer to a new platform and what should be left behind.


  • Secure the information


It is strongly recommended to prepare a backup and retain it even after the migration is complete. It will help reduce the risk of any data loss. 


  • Notify your employees


Make sure your colleagues know about the change in software and get all the necessary tutorials.




Proceed with a Free Sample Migration from Zoho to Pipedrive


  1. Visit Trujay’s Self-Service Wizard


  • Select the needed CRM platform type from the drop-down menu 
  • Select the URL of Zoho CRM. Click the “Accept” button to allow access to your Zoho account


  1. Choose Pipedrive as your target CRM platform and enter the Pipedrive API. Click the “Test Connection” button
  2. Click the ‘Fields Mapping’ button to set up the fields you want to migrate from Zoho to Pipedrive. If you’re satisfied with everything, click ‘Free Sample Migration’

  1. Check your sample results after the sample migration from Zoho to Pipedrive is complete. If you’re satisfied, click the “Start Full Migration” button

Note: If you want to change your fields, click the “Change Fields Mapping” button. You can rerun the sample as many times as you need at no cost.



Post-migration Arrangements


When the migration from Zoho to Pipedrive is complete, make sure you:


  • Check out if the records are transferred to the proper fields
  • Find out if the relations between the items are restored in the right way
  • Make sure to build personalized workflow rules
  • Set up the filters for reporting tools
  • Continue to educate your staff about the new system by providing training and holding meetings



Final Thoughts


Now you know more about the future CRM, the possible migration methods, and how to switch the data automatically in just a few clicks.


It is high time to migrate from Zoho to Pipedrive right away and join hundreds of satisfied Trujay's customers.


Don’t wait up, migrate Zoho to Pipedrive today.


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