Zoho to PipelineDeals: Outline for An Automated Data Switch [Tutorial]

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Zoho to PipelineDeals: Outline for An Automated Data Switch [Tutorial]

Modern business running with CRM solutions became an urgent need, not a luxury. In fact, companies using this technology for a long time notice that it fails in performing and complicates the daily round of employees. That’s why instead of changing business strategy, organizations make up a decision to migrate the new CRMs.

Zoho vs. PipelineDeals: Innovation Fights Off the Reputation


The CRM industry is a relatively young industry but has well-known solutions, for instance, Zoho; thus, there also appear new and practical platforms and PipelineDeals is one of them. Both of these CRMs offer to lead, contact and account management, mailboxes, and social media integration, automation, customer support, and system customizations.

Logically raises the question of why to migrate Zoho to PipelineDeals? With Pipelinedeals, you acquire unlimited document storage, open API for integration with other useful solutions, free iOS, and Android apps. The cost of this CRM starts with 21,60 user/month (paid annually) while Zoho goes from $12 user/month (billed annually); however, Zoho Standard has limitations, and the Professional edition corresponds PipelineDeals Standard plan.

Lots of reviews on the web praise the “old” CRMs and rarely tell anything about the “younger” ones. Nevertheless, some business owners look for innovation without hard system customizations. If you consider changing your Zoho, the migration to PipelineDeals will a practical option to boost your performance efficiency and ROI rates.

Setting Up Point in CRM Migration Project


Initiating your data migration from Zoho to PipelineDeals includes many more aspects of dealing with than a simple records transition.

First of all, you need to arrange your database. Start with reviewing the records you require a new solution, then examine them for duplicates, inconsistent data, and missing fields and finally backup your clean database on the hard drive, USB drive, or another device.

The second action worth taking is exploring the destination CRM peculiarities and setting up training sessions for your team before you actually implement PipelineDeals. This activity will help you to keep your employees aware of what’s going on in the company and increase the speed of future end-user adoption.

The third step is, perhaps, one of the most important as you have to choose a mode of your Zoho to PIpelineDeals switch. If you want to save your time, efforts, and cost, the direct and automated migration with a SaaS Trujay is just what you need. This web-based service requires no technical background or records copy/paste, excludes human interaction, and guarantees full uptime of your existing CRM.

Migrate from Zoho to PipelineDeals in A Few Steps


Step 1

Go to app.trujay.com and create your account.



Step 2

Define your source CRM. Select Zoho from a drop-down menu, provide your CRM URL. Then specify PipelineDeals as your targeted CRM and provide your API key.

Step 3

Choose options you want to migrate to PipelineDeals. You can switch the following standard fields - account, contact, task, opportunity, and lead. Start your Demo Migration to see how the service works.


During this process, Trujay will transfer up to 10 records from each field you selected, and restore the relations between them. After getting your Demo results, you can change the chosen options by clicking on the grid button that will take you back to step 3.

Step 4

In case you satisfied with the Demo results, start your full Zoho PipelineDeals migration.


Wrapping it all up, the process of CRM data switch will be successful with thorough planning. So if you have already drawn up your migration project, save your time and expenses with the automated service Trujay. Don’t wait up and request a free Demo Migration right now!



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