Zoho vs Bitrix24: Investigate the Difference

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Zoho vs Bitrix24: Investigate the Difference

Zoho vs Bitrix24: Investigate the Difference


A huge variety of existing CRM platforms in today's market makes different businesses even more confused. Though the companies are still looking for something better and advanced, they are drowned among the features and comprehensive tools floating around the web.


But it is not an easy task to find this wonder-working remedy. When it comes to choosing between robust contenders like Zoho vs Bitrix24, you really need to think about how much time, money, and effort you have to put into it. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of these two platforms.


Zoho CRM as a Tool for Business Growth


Despite the fact, many consider Zoho as a small and mid-size oriented CRM platform, in practice it usually turns to be a valuable instrument for enterprise management.


Multiple Reports Alternatives. If you select a package that goes up from Professional edition, you will get a great reporting capability. There is an option to generate approximately 20 - 50 various reports.  Zoho modules let you generate charts and graphs fast and accurately.


Great customization. With the help of this solution, you can easily choose the best page layout, add fields, create tabs, and edit templates. Furthermore, its API can integrate with your favorite application. For example, you get the opportunity to connect with MailChimp keeping all your leads and accounts in one contact list.


Competent support. The platform offers multi-channel support via live chat, phone calls, emails, social media messages, knowledge base, and help desk.


However, Zoho has some issues that make it difficult for you to use:


  • poor performance when using larger files;
  • no option to move emails to certain folders automatically;
  • significant errors in syncing. The integration between Zoho and Google Contacts is limited to 500 contacts.


To conclude, let’s outline the main points you should consider while choosing Zoho CRM:


  • It is a flexible system, where you can customize modules, fields, layouts and workflows to meet specific business needs.
  • The software empowers business owners with the opportunity of lead tracking.
  • With this solution, you can automate routine activities like email sending, events planning, as well as tasks assigning to team workers and monitor their performance.


As for the pricing, Zoho CRM offers free edition and paid editions for a vast amount of feature sets:


  1. Free ($0 for up to 3 users)

Looks like a tempting offer, however, take into consideration the following gradations:

This free edition is not what you are looking for, if:

      • your business entails multiple currencies purchases;
      • your company team uses social media information for customers engagement;
      • there’s no option for marketing campaigns creation or bulk emails sending;
      • Zoho free edition lacks inventory management instrument and sales prediction option;
      • you will be able to generate only Standard Report;
      • deduplication option is also missing in the free edition;
      • backup option goes for an additional fee;
      • you won’t be able to create any custom module or field.

2. Standard ($12 user/month/billed annually)

The Standard Edition takes an upper hand over the previous one with the following features:

        • sales forecasting
        • mass email sending (250 emails/day)
        • available marketing campaigns creation
        • generation of custom reports
        • 2 backup/month
        • telephony integration


3. Professional ($20 user/month/billed annually)

Professional edition compares favorably with the following features:

  • deep workflow management
  • invoice integration
  • data sharing rules


4. Enterprise ($35 user/month/billed annually)

Apart from the Professional version, the Enterprise edition includes:

    • integration with Zoho Creator that allows you to build your own application for your business needs.


5. Ultimate - ($100 user/month/billed annually) includes Zoho Suite.


Get a Chance to Gain Efficiency with Bitrix24


Bitrix24 CRM, founded in 2012, is a feature-rich solution that allows you to enhance business performance. You can easily succeed with its intuitive interface, making it easy to optimize administrative tasks and minimize the amount of routine manual office work.


In contrast to Zoho, Bitrix24 provides the following tools:


  • SaaS or on-premise CRM.  The solution gives you an option to use both, the service in the cloud and hold it on your own server. You can benefit from both solutions by analyzing what fits the needs of your company. Cloud one is more price-oriented and fast in implementation. While the self-hosted platform includes high-security level and complete data control, it is very popular in the banking and healthcare industries.
  • Customizable reports. The platform helps to weigh employees' performance, as well as evaluate the work efficiency of the whole company. You can easily see the status of existing deals and transactions in the sales funnel. There is also a building tool that allows you to create a customized report on the basis of the existing one.
  • Enhanced collaboration. The system provides built-in chat and document sharing. Also, it includes a drive for creating and editing files on the go. Besides, you may receive a personal domain or social intranet.


Even though Bitrix24 achieved some good results for the past years, it still has some downsides:


  • each letter has to be sent separately because the system does not save the history of correspondence;
  • Bitrix24 provides free technical support and product updates only for the first year of usage;
  • in all the self-hosted version pricing plans include support for only 25 intranet users.


To conclude, at the expense of the following features you may consider Bitrix24:


  • This customer relationship management system works great with startups and small business and offers a free plan for 12 users.
  • The solution also integrates with third-party add-ons and mailboxes.
  • The system advantage is sharing files over the company, and analytic tool which helps to measure the effectiveness of staff.


Bitrix24 pricing includes 4 editions, where you don’t have to pay for setting up your own social intranet:


  • Free 12 users/5GB storage/For those just starting out;
  • CRM+ $39 user/month/6 users/50GB storage/For small companies that want to sell more;
  • Standard $99 user/month/50 users/100GB storage/ability to add your own domain/For mid-sized companies that need professional task and client management;
  • Professional $199/month/unlimited users/unlimited storage/customization with your own domain/For companies of any size that need cutting edge project management, internal communications, and sales automation tools


Notably, Bitrix24 takes an upper hand over Zoho in the pricing matter. Both tools come with a free plan, however, the features that Bitrix24 has to offer to surpass those provided by Zoho. Also, it offers a very inexpensive unlimited user license, which is not available for most Zoho products.


CRM Migration: Rapid Path to Enhance Business Performance


Finding the desired solution is only one step ahead on the way to the successful data import. You should also find an efficient migration tool to complete an accurate and secure transition. In case you want to save time and efforts, think of using the migration service Trujay and take advantage of the beneficial features:


    • Security regulations that exclude the possibility of any data loss;
    • 100% uptime of both CRMs and no interruptions of the business processes;
    • The opportunity of fields and users mapping in accordance with the company requirements;
    • A free Sample Migration that allows exploring if the service functions are properly



Let’s review the fields Trujay automatically migrates:

FieldsFrom Bitrix24To Bitrix24


FieldsFrom Zoho CRMTo Zoho CRM


Drawing the Bottom Line


With all that being said, it might be easier to make a decision between Zoho and Bitrix24 CRM platforms.  When you decide which system fits the needs of your business the best, you can easily transfer all your data from your existing CRM platform to Bitrix24 or Zoho using an automated Trujay migration service.


That’s an automated tool that allows you to move the data in a fast, hand-off, and secure way alongside the ability to map needed fields/modules.


So, don’t waste your time anymore. Transfer some amount of your data to the chosen platform by running a free Sample migration right now and start earning more tomorrow.

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