Zoho vs. Insightly vs. SuiteCRM: Preferred CRM for Small Business

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Zoho vs. Insightly vs. SuiteCRM: Preferred CRM for Small Business

Currently, we are facing the times when no self-respecting company would be without its customer relationship management system, for both inside and outside of management. However, there is another issue on the rise. CRM for small business is a vital need or a required necessity? The list of solutions is extremely various. Most of the systems focus mainly on big business and enterprises and provide a diverse set of feature-rich options that can be devastating or even over-killing for small companies. Nevertheless, CRM software aims at providing the ability for the updated database, complete customer view and interaction within the departments what is sufficient for small business.

Reasons to Implement CRM even for Small Business

While your company is developing, it is getting harder and harder to cope with the data amount (like customers contacts details, notices, correspondence history, etc.) and keep it up-to-date in the real time. The teams work segregated, and further planning becomes tedious and insufficient. So, CRM solution will help your business

  • to centralize and update the database;
  • to acquire 360-degree customer view;
  • to promote teamwork with information access and exchange;
  • to personalize leads and increase campaign planning.

Quite the Thing CRM for Small Business

The fact that business of any size can get advantage from using CRM is hard to deny. The positive impact of real-time records updating, marketing and sales empowerment shouldn’t be underestimated. Apart from these cons, the technical elaboration and costly process of customization are unnecessary options.

However, there are some solutions that are so-called ‘alternative’ variants. These platforms offer standard feature set, data managing, sales automation and require no additional technical knowledge. By far the most popular of these are Zoho, Insightly, and SuiteCRM.

Zoho vs Insightly vs SuiteCRM: Extended Review of the League

A great way to find the right CRM Software product for your firm is to cross-check the solutions against each other. Here you can compare SuiteCRM and Insightly and Zoho and see their functions compared in detail to help you pick which one is the superior product.

Usability of CRM for Small Business

Being known as a solid platform, Zoho is quite laborious in usage. Still, managing the basic feature set is relatively intuitive. The customization allows suiting the interface to the client’s needs.

Insightly offers a convenient and user-friendly interface with numerous effective options and opportunities. The dashboard consists of meaningful tabs and toolbar that make the managing process simply and handy.

Coming up with a full-featured and up-to-date CRM system, SuiteCRM provides a flexible and simple interface and customization options (themes, colours, fonts, etc.)

Price for the Abilities

Zoho provides 5 plans that functionally depends on the price.

  • The free version is up to 10 users, limited sales, and marketing as well as integration opportunities. Standard offers $12 user/month/billed annually with analytics, bigger integration, security and storage options.
  • Professional edition costs $20 user/month/billed annually and provides sales abilities, inventory, and workflow management.
  • Enterprise plan for $35/user/month/billed annually enables with full sales and marketing automation, data and workflow management, security and extended integration.
  • Ultimate for $100/month/user/billed annually. Contains all mentioned above features, yet offers additional functionality: the priority support for its subscribers, dedicated database cluster, advanced customization, enhanced storage, and others.

Insightly offers three different versions.

  • The free plan up to 2 users, 2,500 records, 200 MB storage and 10 custom fields.
  • Plus for $29/user/billed annually (includes everything in a free edition plus integrations with other systems, custom branding, scheduled reports, calendar & contact sync, and others).
  • Professional for $49/user/billed annually (adding more security (SSO), workflow automation).
  • Enterprise for $99/user/billed annually (unlimited number of records, priority support and SAML-based SSO).

SuiteCRM proposes the next hosting types

  • SuiteCRM on-demand can be downloaded and updated for free. Yet, you host your system by yourself and take care of your data.
  • SuiteCRM in the cloud comes at the affordable price $10 user/month and has no restriction or limitation on the database access.

CRM for Small Business: Principal Marketing and Sales Options

Zoho provides a wealth feature sets for business, productivity and collaboration managing. Business part controls sales, leads and inventory management, email campaign planning and extended reporting abilities. Collaboration division provides communication within the company, customer support and knowledge base. Productivity applications enable with analyzing the past and planning future incomes.

Insightly offers numerous tools and opportunities for advancing sales revenue. The campaign mailing and newsletter management and product catalogue constitute marketing automation. Sales are increasing consists of lead tracking and management as well as contact scheduler, customer database and invoicing. Monitoring the teamwork and providing segmented access help in improving collaboration options.

SuiteCRM allows to manage and analyze all the data and documents. Various custom modules offer to track the changes in the market. Workflow optimizes a teamwork and distributes the leads and tasks. The extensive reporting enables of planning and launching projects and campaigns. Requirements gathering enables with forecasting the tendency of offered products and targeted clients.

Integration Abilities of CRM for Small Business

Zoho provides a very long list of add-ons and third-party integrations for data organization, sales and marketing improvements. The advantage is that these additions work simultaneously, but the drawback that they are paid. Zoho integrates with Gmail, MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Insightly pursues the simplicity course and offers no add-ons. However, this solution deeply integrates with email (Outlook, Mailchimp), Google Apps and social media.

SuiteCRM provides categories of various extensions. There are different plugins for administration, productivity and reporting improvement as well as email and social media integration.

Level of Support

Zoho enables its users with the knowledge base, ticket management, customer self-service portal and forums for discussions.

Insightly offers call centre management, mail support, self-service portal, FAQ and service ticket.

SuiteCRM enables with telephone and email, instant messenger support, self-service portal.

Time to Draw a Line

It’s high time, to sum up. As seen, the things that are suitable, useful and effective for one company, can be ruinous and lethal for another.

Nevertheless, there are three essential points of CRM for small business. The first is that the platform should meet the needs of your company. The second is the ability to run an innovative marketing and sales strategy. The last, but not least, proficient options of data are organizing and updating as well as deep analytics and reporting. So, you can see the mentioned CRM systems correspond to the previously mentioned points.

All in all, you can transfer a part of your data from the current CRM to Zoho, Insightly or SuiteCRM right now and see if it works for you. All you have to do is to launch Free and Secure Sample Migration.

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