Zoho to Vtiger Migration: Renovate Your Business Strategy [Infographic]

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Zoho to Vtiger Migration: Renovate Your Business Strategy [Infographic]

Starting up a company demands a lot of efforts and cost. The top-priority short-list consists of tracking leads and contacts, keeping up with market tendencies, managing huge amount of data and looking for ways to optimize your team work. Obviously, the implementation of CRM system is a practical tool in solving these urgent issues. Here you face another dilemma - what software will be the most efficient for running your business? Up to a point, there is a diverse list of platforms with standard feature sets and additional opportunities. Zoho and Vtiger are CRM software that aims to satisfy the requirements of small and midsize businesses. Instead of extolling the virtues, let’s compare these systems and options which they provide.

Zoho vs. Vtiger: Small Points Make Up Big Revenue

  • Being the open-source software, Zoho and Vtiger come with the affordable price - $12 user/month and meet the demands of small and mid-sized businesses.
  • Both platforms offer standard bundle of features such as sales and marketing automation, customer support, workflow and extensive reporting. However, Vtiger provides it users with lead, account and calendar management, integration with various extensions and data security.
  • Managing and setting up Zoho requires some technical skills, but drag-and-drop feature simplifies the customization. Vtiger boasts about the user-friendly interface and easy in usage, but customization process is quite tricky.
  • These CRM systems have integration options. Vtiger has a longer list of extension while Zoho offers to purchase add-ons.
  • The performance of Zoho is sluggish as it uses the third-party servers for data saving. Vtiger is fast in data downloading and upgrading.
  • Both platforms provide mobile access enables to reach the higher uptime.
  • Extended reports and analytics of Vtiger allows higher campaign effectiveness and forecasting of targeted offers and customers.

Out of the question, Zoho and Vtiger provide effective features and have some drawbacks.

Zoho offers standard and approved option sets, secured data, and integration abilities. This platform becomes more popular by its wise marketing and well-ordered workflow. Vtiger supplies a broad range of profitable and elaborated services for sales development. Due to its inventory and productive opportunities, this solution gaines the dependable reputation and large community.

Realized that Vtiger will aid you in fulfilling sales and marketing goals? Here is the infographic that enables you with the main facts and advantages of previously mentioned software. Moreover, there is an easy step-by-step guideline concerning Zoho to Vtiger migration.


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