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Migration of Activities and Attachments

Customer Concerns
Objectives and Challenges
Solutions and Results

Customer Concerns

A client has already performed the basic data migration of Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Tasks to the desired CRM. However, as far as this CRM was installed locally, they faced a problem of Activities and Attachments migration.


  • Migrate business data from the existing CRM platform to a new one
  • Avoid business disruption during the CRM migration
  • Create the custom fields on the desired CRM for the successful modules mapping


  • Migrate ONLY Activities related to the Opportunities together with the relations between the items
  • Import all Attachments into the custom fields of the future CRM
  • The number of attachments in one field can exceed to the several dozens.


Trujay team took into consideration all specific customer requests and recommendations regarding the CRM data migration.


Within one day, our techs created the detailed mapping of the modules that are necessary for the migration, as well as received the confirmation from the customer.


Then, we correlated all Opportunities by certain fields of the existing and future CRMs that helped set the right relations on the new platform.


The Trujay team used the REST-API to migrate the following Activities: Phone Calls, Emails, Tasks, Letters, Faxes, Campaign Responses, etc.


Since REST-API of the current CRM included the unavailable some activities Phone Call, Letter Appointment, Recurring Appointments, Fax, etc. We retrieved them with the help of our internal technology and wrote on the desired solution.


Due to the fact that Activities of the new platform can only come in the ‘plain text’ format, the text type was converted from HTML to ‘plain text.’ The formatting of the paragraphs and links to the URLs were preserved.


After that, we migrated the multi-select fields (when one field can have several values) e.g. “Attachments.”


The Quality Assurance (QA) department examined the migration results in accordance with a checklist and the customer requirements.

Activities and opportunities were migrated successfully together with the relations between the items.
Attachments in the Custom Fields of future CRM were imported effortlessly.
Modules Mapping was performed in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

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The Advantages of Trujay.Migration

Automatically CRM Import
Automation assures your transfer to be swift and simple
Custom Fields Migration
Custom transfer to meet the special company requirements
Free Sample Import
Sample Import offers you to observe the service in action
100% Uptime of Your Both CRMs
No downtime and interruptions of the business processes
Objects and users Mapping
Fields and users mapping in accordance with the business needs
Data Security and Privacy
Security regulations guarantee to treat the information privately

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