Long-Expected Migration to Bitrix24: Trujay Offers Innovating Option
Latest news! Currently, Trujay announced about the support of the eagerly awaited two-way migration to Bitrix24. A lot of business owners can use the opportunity of an automated, accurate and fast records transfer to desired CRM! The announcement of the …
March 17 2015
Migration to Bitrix24: Practical Way to Business Improvement
During these years, the implementation of CRM system associates with the business advancement and day-to-day tasks facilitation. And among the numerous solutions with the untold tools and effective options offered by CRM industry, you will find Bitrix24. This platform enhances …
March 24 2015
Valuable Asset for Straightforward Insightly to Bitrix24 Migration [Tutorial]
Key ingredients of a flourishing company are quality service, effective data, and processes management, as well as teamwork that is constantly increasing productivity. CRM solutions help businesses in achieving immediate and long-term targets. Cases of CRM Handiness Digitalization enforces new …
Convenient Way through SugarCRM to Bitrix24 Migration Minefield
Changes in life are inevitable, as well as prolific business running requires innovations and advancements. Constantly comparing their CRM platforms, vendors arrive at a conclusion that despite the threat of disruption migration to another solution can put their company at …
March 26 2015
Zoho to Bitrix24: Instructive Hints for Quality Migration [Tutorial]
Customer relationships and business running become simple like never before with the help of CRM solutions. By now, this systems automate baseline processes, enhance daily round and improve communication inside and outside the company. Yet, there are 2 issues that …
March 27 2015
Noted Guide for Smooth Zoho to Bitrix24 Data Migration [Tutorial]
CRM solutions are emerging as the newest resource for competitive advantage in the constantly changed and digitalized world. The cloud platforms such as Zoho, Bitrix24, and others gain more popularity with the extended abilities for advancing baseline processes and improving …
May 29 2015
Can’t-Miss Tips for Highrise to Bitrix24 Migration [Tutorial]
To be profitable and competitive, modern organizations look for more options in business performance with CRM. This technology opens new communication channels and offers more personalized products or services to customers. Efficiency of Full-Suite CRM Despite the standard set of …
June 3 2015
Bitrix24 Setting Up: Users Portals [Part 1]
Modern business landscape urgently requires innovations and agile approaches to all customer-facing processes so CRM appeared as a blessing resort. In the avalanche of various solutions, you have chosen Bitrix24 as the most practical and tool-rich option. So you transferred …
June 17 2015
Bitrix24 Setting Up: Reports And Sales Funnels [Part 2]
The digital age along with the enhancement of business processes and reduction of heavy manual work brought the endless flow of data. CRM system helps to collect the myriad of various records types, as well as provides tools for the …
July 1 2015
Bitrix24 Automation and Optimization: Boost Your Productivity
Implementing your new CRM system is not the end of the journey. If you want to increase your customer experience, adapt your business to a fast-growing market and move your organization steadily forward, remember that optimization is a key to …
December 18 2015
Vtiger to Bitrix24: Work Smarter with New Solution [Video Inside]
Maintaining customer relationships is essential for every company. No matter the size of the organization, you have to deal with a big amount of customer data in the midst of CRM systems available on the market, there is never ending …
August 11 2016
Insightly Alternatives: Find Your Flagship Solution
A new CRM for your company should bring excitement and not dread. When you are looking at a number of options for Insightly alternatives, keep an eye on the CRM with compelling features that can boost your company's performance. Your …
June 27 2017
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