CRM Migration Insurance

What Is CRM Migration Insurance?

Migration Insurance is used to safeguard your CRM data from the unexpected pitfalls that may lead to the inaccurate CRM data import. The repeated CRM migration can be performed during the specific period of time depending on the chosen insurance plan. Since the new migration will start over, all existing data (transferred in the 1st migration) will be deleted.

Why CRM Migration Insurance?

The Insurance offers you the following benefits:

  • Exclude Unexpected Pitfalls
    CRM data migration is insured and can be restarted from your account dashboard in a one mouse click.
  • Change Migration Preferences
    Run the transfer over by using the Migration Insurance in case you want to make some changes in the previous data import.
  • Save Money
    Insurance price ranges from 12% to 20% of total data transfer price while starting the new migration can take a lot of money and efforts.
  • Minimize Time Expenditures
    Start an existing migration over on your own without contacting us, spending time on separate payment, etc.

How Much Does Migration Insurance Cost?

The cost of vary from 12% to 20% of total data transfer price, as well as depends on the time and number of restarts you would like to make. Right after you’ve completed the free Demo Migration, you can choose the Migration Insurance plan that fits your needs and perform your CRM data migration. Here’s how the price breaks down:

  • Basic CRM Migration Insurance.
    Cost is 12% of the total CRM migration import. Allows 1 migration over within a 7-day period
  • Extended CRM Migration Insurance.
    Cost is 15% of the total CRM migration import. Allows 2 migration over within a 14-day period.
  • Premium CRM Migration Insurance.
    Cost is 20% of the total CRM migration import. Allows 3 migration over within a 30-day period.

As you can see, everything is easy as ABC. Ensure your CRM migration, and remove all possible risks.

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