Salesforce Alternatives: Find a Practical CRM Tool to Succeed in 2020

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Salesforce Alternatives: Find a Practical CRM Tool to Succeed in 2020


Nowadays, many companies that once have used a CRM system now are known for the well-documented advantages. Among a wide range of software choices, there are numerous reasons to consider Salesforce as a one-stop-shop solution. It carries the reputation of a leading CRM software with 150,000 users all over the world.



The different pricing scheme, numerous functionality options, and tools, Apps exchange with over 4 million installs, etc. make Salesforce CRM a reasonable choice for many organizations. However, the platform is often qualified as a too powerful tool for startups and small companies. In such cases, developing organizations can be incapacitated by the value and potential of the software.



As a result, some businesses start moving to the simpler and more affordable CRMs. With so many comparison factors to consider, let’s outline the primary features of other platforms, as well as identify the main Salesforce alternatives in 2020.

Brief Review of the Salesforce Alternatives


Since the CRM world is overwhelmed by options, you can get easily lost in the variety of platforms and fail to choose the right one to replace the current solution. With the aim to simplify your task of searching for an alternative to Salesforce, check out the following list of CRMs to consider in 2020:


Pipedrive Gets Your Sales Organized

salesforce alternatives








Pipedrive is the #1 in our list of Salesforce alternatives. This CRM works great with the small companies and stands out for Sales Pipeline Views with a focus on client relationships, CRM goal setting and reporting, Google Calendar integration, multi-language, and currency, etc. Pipedrive is similar to Salesforce CRM.


The platform helps you to:


  • Increase sales through the prism of efficient customer experience. Both Salesforce and Pipedrive, include the effective sales methodology to acquire more deals. The platforms provide you with an excellent sales pipeline overview, and an opportunity to qualify leads instantly as soon as they arrive in the system.


  • Save time with effective deal management. You can easily add a deal to Pipedrive by clicking on the intended button arranging the details in the pop-up dialog box. The platform obtains an Activity Scheduler to exclude a possibility of double entries, import records from the associated software, syncs emails, etc.


  • Turn information into the operable intelligence. Pipedrive’s dashboard comprises a beneficial Statistics tab that helps you understand the critical metrics. In this case, you can monitor the team performance, value of the deal, and export data easily in the desired format and location.


Pipedrive Pricing:


  • Silver: $14.5/user/month/billed annually
  • Gold: $27.5/user/month/billed annually
  • Platinum: $56/user/month/billed annually


Find out more about Salesforce to Pipedrive Migration.

Insightly - Easy. Powerful. Affordable.



Did you ever think that Insightly could be one of Salesforce alternatives?


Insightly attracts the companies of small and medium sizes, as well as provides mass email contacts importing, project management, one-click availability of contacts’ public information and automated detection, contact role specification.


Also, the platform offers:


  • easy-to-use and intuitive interface. The solution is uncomplicated and time-effective for setting up and user training, as well as includes feature-rich dashboards.


  • A holistic view of your contacts. Insightly lets you implement the best practices to get the 360 degrees of potential customers. You can easily monitor their background details, interaction history, and other records relevant to associated projects or opportunities, and share information with your team.


  • Opportunity to manage every stage of the client engagement. The platform contains customizable project management that makes Insightly a unique Salesforce alternative. Insightly helps you oversee the recent activities, as well as monitor the project progress against your present timeline. Furthermore, you can create project milestones, pipelines, and tasks; set the automated email alerts; and track the email correspondence.


Insightly Pricing:


  • Free - up to 2 users;
  • Plus - $29/user/month
  • Professional - $49/user/month
  • Enterprise - $99/user/month


Discover more about Salesforce to Insightly Migration.


SugarCRM - More Sales and Less Force


SugarCRM satisfies the needs of the companies of all sizes, as well as includes efficient collaboration functionality and sales forecasting, call center automation, revenue line item opportunities, role-based views.


Moreover, you can benefit from:


  • Simple, yet robust reports. The platform enables you with using the analytical tools to identify the effects of your business and team performance that helps you forecast the trends and uncover the potential problems. The dashboards show the clients profiles by industry, size, revenue, etc. and allows you to determine how the customer base is changing over time.


  • Efficient tracking of sales opportunities. The solution offers you to sort and filter the contacts and potential deals with the views to see only the relevant information. Also, you can track the most important records like the probability of closing a deal or Holistic expected win date.


  • Effective corporate calendar. SugarCRM provides you with an opportunity to use the calendar view (by day, week, month or year) of all activities and associated tasks. You can easily share the calendars with your team members to exclude any scheduling overlaps.


SugarCRM Pricing:


  • Professional Edition - $40/user/month/billed annually
  • Enterprise Edition - $65/user/month/billed annually
  • Unlimited Edition - $150/user/month/billed annually


Read more about Salesforce to SugarCRM Migration



Zoho - the Operating System for Business




In case you had never considered Zoho to be one of Salesforce alternatives, you were sadly mistaken.


Zoho is designed for small to large size companies and includes MailMagnet, social CRM capabilities, website integration with forms, auto-scheduled activities, webhooks for Google Apps. Zoho is a little bit similar to Salesforce.


Furthermore, the platform helps you to:


  • Automate all sales processes. Zoho CRM enables you with converting the visitors into hot leads, importing the potential customers from the external sources, and automating daily sales tasks. Once added to the platform, the leads are matched with the appropriate reps.


  • Secure real-time access to critical data. The platform includes an opportunity tracking tool that enables you to observe where the client is in the sales cycle, contact history, and competitor profile. Access these data in easy, accurate dynamic reports and dashboards.


  • Enhance mobile and social CRM features. The solution carries a well-known reputation for attracting the mobile and social leads, monitor, and investigate their behavior, as well as link them to your product or service.


Zoho Pricing:


  • Free up to 3 users;
  • Standard - $12 user/month/billed annually;
  • Professional - $20 user/month/billed annually;
  • Enterprise - $35 user/month/billed annually;
  • Ultimate - $100 user/month/billed annually.


Check up more about Salesforce to Zoho Migration.



HubSpot CRM - Grow and Manage Your Pipeline for Free


salesforce alternatives



HubSpot CRM is a perfect choice for small companies to obtain drag and drop communicator, Sidekick extension, desktop integration, Partner Relationship Management, etc. HubSpot CRM is probably the most significant Salesforce alternative.


Moreover, you can take advantage of the next functionality:


  • Effectiveness of the sales process. The platform contains the content library that enables your team to access and sharing the up-to-date sales files. This saves you time and eliminates extra activities like searching for information.


  • Beneficial auto-web crawl. After you add a new contact to HubSpot CRM, the tool automatically crawls the internet and fill in the valuable data about the organization and employees’ details.


  • Helpful Sidekick extension. It is a free tool that gives you email superpowers with contact insights, email tracking, and scheduling. You can track when your emails are opened and which links are clicked. Also, the solution offers you to send emails on the schedule you want, with timezone support.


HubSpot CRM Pricing:


HubSpot CRM is a free platform forever. You can add 1,000,000 Contacts, unlimited users, and this isn't just a free trial, the CRM itself is free for as long as you have a subscription to it. However, if you use HubSpot CRM with HubSpot’s marketing tools, the contacts you add to the platform end up in both places and could affect your contact tier pricing.


Discover more about Salesforce to HubSpot CRM Import.



By and large, if your company is looking for CRM with efficient capabilities at the affordable cost, then one of the Salesforce alternatives is a great choice to consider.  In case you are ready to make a decision and move your data to one of the solutions, take advantage of an automated migration service Trujay to transfer the records fast and securely. Besides, the SaaS offers you an opportunity to benefit from:


  • Guaranteed security and possibility to sign the Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • No interruptions of the company processes and uptime of both CRMs
  • Fields and users mapping in accordance with your business needs
  • Ability to evaluate the service in action and run a free Sample Migration


Discover more about Salesforce to HubSpot CRM Import.



CRM Data Import Swiftly


So, when the process of selecting the right platform and migration tool is behind, complete some actions ahead to get for a switch:


  • Make data arrangements and delete the redundant record
  • Prepare a backup to exclude any data loss
  • Test a new solution and launch a free trial of future CRM
  • Announce the employees for the upcoming changes


After that, proceed with 4 simple steps and perform the CRM migration effortlessly:


  1. Register your account using Trujay's Self-Service tool and sign in
  2. Fill out the access credentials of the current and new solutions
  3. Generate the modules mapping and utilize test run to validate the migration results
  4. Launch the Salesforce CRM data import to the desired one


Since the hardest part is over, you can take a few more steps for successful HubSpot implementation and configuration:


  • Explore if all CRM items migrated to the right places
  • Build the personalized workflow rules
  • Set up the specific filters for analytics
  • Continue to equip your employees with the required tutorials and training


Pulling it All Together


Take advantage of Trujay's automated migration service. put a bit of your real data into the chosen solution by running free Sample Migration right now and check out the service in action.


You can contact an expert to learn more information about the other platforms, choose the desired alternative to Salesforce and find out the detailed guide to the secure data import.





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