How Much Money Does Salesforce Cost in Actual Use?

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How Much Money Does Salesforce Cost in Actual Use?

Choosing a suitable CRM system can be a pretty tricky decision to make. With so many options on the today’s market, it is necessary to evaluate each solution carefully before picking up any particular platform. One of the critical factors is the cost of the platform, that, as it turns out, can be deceptive. Many customers find out, that in addition to the “sticker price” they have to overpay to obtain all the advantages of the chosen CRM software. So, is this the same with Salesforce? Let’s find out the real Salesforce cost.

The additional fees can include expenses on customizing the platform, its integration with other systems, accessing the data from a mobile phone, etc. As a result, the user sometimes ends up paying twice as much as it was initially intended. Therefore, let’s search for the hidden costs of one
of the most popular CRM solutions – Salesforce.
So, here are the 5 main critical points we discovered.

1. Limits Related with File&Data Storage

That is the most important and potentially the most expensive part is data storage within the Salesforce system.
Well, let’s see what features depend on Salesforce cost.
The system’s limit is 1GB data storage and 10GB file storage per organization and additional 20MB (for Professional and Enterprise plans) or 120MB (for Performance and Unlimited) data storage and 100MB file storage per each user.
Extra storage space can be purchased from Salesforce in blocks of 50 or 500MB, costing $125/month for 500MB of extra data storage. File Storage costs $5/month for 1GB. Taking into consideration that this is not a one-time payment, data storage may cost more than your annual license.

2. Is Support Included in Salesforce Cost?

As their primary support option, Salesforce offers the Standard Success Plan. It includes Online Case Submission (Two-Day Response), 12/5 support via phone, and two-business-day response time.
A paid alternative is the Premier Success Plan that offers 24/7 support, faster responses, and an expanded training course access. To use this solution you have to pay extra 15% of your license list price, in case you are using Professional or Enterprise Editions. There is also the Premier Administrator service that gives you access to Salesforce Certified Administrators who can configure and maintain your platform for additional 10% of the license price.

3. A Possibility of Access via Mobile Phones

Salesforce provides a free mobile service called Mobile Lite, so it doesn’t depend on Salesforce cost. However, this solution offers limited functionality and excludes such vital features as access to custom objects, configuration customization, etc.
The full version of Salesforce Mobile is free for Unlimited Edition customers. However, for Professional and Enterprise plan clients, the upgrade will cost $50 per user/month.

4. What about API Calls Limits

An API call limit determines the number of times the system can contact (send and receive information) external data sources. Talking about Salesforce, if users go over the maximum allowed number of calls, they have only two options, either adding more user licenses or upgrading all users to the most expensive Salesforce Performance Edition.

5. Ability to Access Offline

Finally, the last thing you have to consider is the ability to connect to the Salesforce CRM while offline. It is vital to have all key customer relationship management data even on the road, with no connection to the internet, and Salesforce provides such possibility. The platform offers an offline edition through a so-called briefcase, which is free for Enterprise and Unlimited plan users. However, the tool has some limitations like lack of forecasts, cases and reports. What is more, those who use Salesforce Professional have to pay additional $25 per user/month for the Offline Edition.

Altogether, Salesforce hidden fees can raise up to thousands of dollars per month, if talking about a company with at least 5 users. Therefore, it is vital to ask profound questions regarding additional fees and decide which features are essential for you to have, before buying an annual license. Otherwise, you risk getting stuck with a solution that is expensive and difficult to adjust to your needs.

So, carefully consider all the facts mentioned above about Salesforce cost and keep moving towards your goal.

What You Get When Choosing Trujay Service

Salesforce cost

Among a significant number of ways of migration the CRM data, you can choose an automated migration service Trujay. The platform moves the records accurately and securely with the help of the following functionalities:

  • data security and ability to take advantage of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is guaranteed ;
  • mapping of fields and users for preserving the data structure;
  • full uptime of the current and future CRMs during the transition;
  • free Demo Migration to see the service in action (allows you to move some parts of your data to a new platform);
  • possibility to restart migration over to ensure the whole import of data;
  • experienced 24/7 tech support.

Trujay migration service and Salesforce are official partners. That means you don’t need to get an API key from Salesforce. Your data will import to any Salesforce edition.

To sum up

Some CRM systems have ‘hidden’, at first sight, details. And when you start using the platform, they all suddenly and so not in a right time come out into the light. Hope this article about the real Salesforce cost will prevent you from unpleasant surprises while using the platform.

Check out more about how to import Data into Salesforce.

Transfer data from your current CRM system or CSV files into Salesforce using Salesforce Data Loader from Trujay.

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