Easy migration from InfusionSoft to HubSpot

Discover how to import InfusionSoft to HubSpot by yourself without any specific knowledge or technical skills. On this page you may get instruction about providing automated CRM data transfer using Trujay, discover what objects can be migrated during migration InfusionSoft to HubSpot, and other information.

What you may migrate
List of supported objects & Records in HubSpot
Discover how it works
Short and illustrated user guide to migrate HubSpot to or from another CRM
HubSpot migration price
Find the cost of your automated or custom migration service

What data I can migrate from InfusionSoft to HubSpot?

Objects and fields mapping may vary according to your demands and business needs

Self Service Migration
InfusionSoft objects HubSpot objects















Product Interests








Other objects can be migrated in terms of custom migration
(investigation required).
Trujay offers you to
  • Migrate custom fields automatically
  • Preserve the relations between the records
  • Map the users and create the new ones automatically
  • Correlate the values of drop-downs
Additional services
  • Migrate any objects including the custom ones
  • Perform data filtering
  • Manage other specific requirements
Please note

Depending on your CRM platform some of the mentioned above objects may need personal approach for the successful data migration

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Trusted by HubSpot

Trujay is official partner of Hubspot CRM and is recommended as a service for the secure and swift data import.

Brief Intro

On this page, you can get a brief overview on how-to perform the InfusionSoft to HubSpot data migration, get in-depth information on what objects you can migrate automatically and estimate own migration price for the custom migration. As well, we will explain how the SaaS performs the CRM migration to satisfy the company’s requests. Also, you can find here general information about Trujay security policy states, user’s testimonials and more.

That can make you to skip doubts and worries about the possibility to ensure effortless and secure data transfer from InfusionSoft to HubSpot. Note that the transfer technique depends on the amount of CRM records and customizations and take into account the following approaches to make choice:

Two Ways to Complete Your Data Migration

Depending on your time and budget, you may select
the most comfortable way for you

Custom Migration Service

Any CRM Platforms. Any objects Any conditions.Our techs will do everything for you!

Automated Migration Service

Migrate your HubSpot data fast and conveniently with robust migration wizard. No risk. No tech skills required.

Personal Approach

We will take into consideration the requests and recommendations to perform the effortless CRM migration and satisfy your company needs.

Any CRM Platforms

Move your business data from/to any CRM software with the help of Custom Migration Service securely.There is no limit - any CRM you wish is supported.

wizard mapping
wizard mapping

Any objects

Ensure the swift and secure data import of any CRM objects.

  • Accounts
  • Opportunities
  • Notes
  • Events
  • Contacts
  • Emails
  • Tasks
  • Meetings
  • Calls
  • Products
  • Leads

Any conditions

Use the custom migration service to simplify the migration process and overcome any hurdles with help of our technical team.Our techs will perform data migration so that to fulfill your specific business needs and deliver you with the desired result

wizard mapping
wizard mapping

Individual Account Manager

Get a personal account manager who is always there to inform you about the CRM migration progress and answer your questions.

Personal Approach. What Stands Behind?

The personal approach aims to exclude any possible issues during the CRM transition and ensures to assist you through the migration process.

Request a call (or mail us) and clarify all necessary data about the CRM transfer.
Investigate and analyze your data migration requirements with the help of our techs.
Get the essential information and main steps of your data import.
Evaluate your CRM migration details and allow us to run the Full migration to the desired CRM.

Automated migration

You can set up the fields mapping and data import on your own. Try a free Sample Import to check the service in action and launch a CRM data transfer automatically.

Map fields you want to migrate

Take advantage of built-in data mapping option and set up the records migration to the selected fields. Also, you can exclude the transition of some fields in case they have no or little value for your business processes.

wizard mapping
wizard mapping

Migrate custom fields and data

You can move the custom data fields from the existing CRM to the desired platform, and transfer the default records right from the migration wizard.

Proper data relation to employee

Trujay also supports the user mapping, so you can migrate records to the corresponding users on the new platform or choose the other user as well.

wizard mapping

How it Works


Provide Your Current and New CRM Details

Choose the current and desired CRM from the drop-down menus and provide the necessary access credentials (login, password, URL, or API key).

Note. We do this so that we can complete your migration and do not use your login information for any other purpose other than delivering migration results.


Choose Objects You Want to Migrate

Select the object(s) you want to migrate before and/or after you’ve generated sample results.

Note. You can re-run your free sample migration and change mapping as many times as you need at no cost.


Match Users

Match the users from your old CRM on the left with their appropriate user field in the new CRM on the right.


Map Fields

You may change the specific fields mapping on your own to comply with your business needs.


Try a Free Sample Migration

Click “Start Free Sample Migration” to perform the sample migration to your new CRM platform. Evaluate the automated switch between the existing and new CRMs. The service migrates the limited amount of records together with relations between the records..

Note. Find out more about Trujay services if you want to get advanced CRM migration assistance.


Launch Full Migration

If you are satisfied with the results, you can click "Start Full Migration" to perform the full migration and switch data to your new CRM platform. When your Full Migration is completed, check its results and get down to running your business more efficiently with the new CRM solution.

Estimate Your Own Migration Price

from to easily
Change the number of records
Migrate up to 1, 000 records
Get Estimates

Automated Migration Price

  • Automated
  • Free Sample Trial
  • Flexible Objects Mapping
  • Intuitive Wizard
  • Helpful Support
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Custom Migration Price

Contact us
  • Free Sample Trial
  • Flexible Objects Mapping
  • Intuitive Wizard
  • Helpful Support

Please note: the prices are approximate.

  • For an Automated Migration , you will get an exact cost estimate after the Sample Import as we count a number of your records es automatically
  • For the Custom Migration - an exact cost of data import will be provided after the investigation of the current and future CRMs' peculiarities.

Data Security is Top Priority for Us

We take security very seriously and have developed a comprehensive set of practices, technologies and policies to help ensure your business data is secure. Security is essential in working with customers’ information, Trujay.Migration team builds the service on the effective and security-focused practices.

Physical Security Layer
Our datacenters are hosted on secure facilities. They include:
  • High-security video-monitored around the perimeter
  • Entry via a transponder key in electronic access control terminals
  • Surveillance cameras for 24/7 monitoring of access routes
Furthermore, it is protected from physical and logical attacks and from natural disasters such as fires or floods.
Network Security Layer
Trujay network security team protects your data against the most sophisticated electronic attacks. We use the best and proven practices of network security. Trujay.Migration offers the following preventive measures:
  • network firewalls
  • DDoS preventions
  • network posture assessment
Application Security Layer
Our service provides you with HTTPS-encrypted communication, role-based authorization, and validation of all requests to ensure security on the application level.
Security Audits
On a regular basis, we scan all systems to prevent any vulnerabilities. The software is constantly updated, so all connections to the previous version are limited, logged, and checked.

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