CRM Analytics Workshop: Set Up Effective Metrics


Explore a Set of Practical Tips to Managing Your Data and Reports Productively

The accurate and relevant analytics has a top-down focus on the business performance, incomes levels and further plans. Find out how to be aware of the rapid changes and work out the holistic measures of data analysis.

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Digital age brings a lot of different information that may be vital, as well as irrelevant to the business processes. CRM solutions help to collect all the data related to the customer, yet many small and large companies find it difficult to track the important records.

The main purpose of this white paper is to show the types of metrics offered by CRM software, as well as teaching business owners to choose the right records for tracking. Without an in-depth analysis of the data, your company will suffer extra expenses, customer indifference to campaigns and decrease of loyalty levels.

In this white paper, you will find out the essence of CRM analytics, its types and brief guidance on setting up the systematic and cost-benefit metrics.

In particular, you can read more about:

  • Data analysis, micro and macro metrics;
  • Business processes to monitoring and measurement;
  • Extra reports that will improve your brand;
  • Step-by-step instruction on CRM strategy reports.
Download the white paper ‘CRM Analytics Workshop. Set Up Effective Metrics’ for free and learn how to get more value of your data and CRM solution.

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