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Want to know more about Trujay vendor partners? Here you can find all needed information about our vendors like their features, benefits etc. Visit their pages to find out details.

Free, unlimited, online, fully customized and Self-hosted CRM service for task management, document sharing. Makes communications simple with social features like comments, liking, and subscriptions to groups or discussions.
Capsule CRM
A simple, flexible, and effective web-based CRM. It helps you to keep track of your contacts and companies you do business with, communications with them, sales opportunities, and what activities and tasks that need to be done.
Is built for small business. Allows you to centralize all customer interactions and daily activities in one place, get new leads to turn them into customers, sell more online and collect payment using one centralized system.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
A software package developed by Microsoft. The CRM focuses mainly on Sales, Marketing, and Service sectors. Has apps that support devices running on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
A modern CRM for Android, iPad, and iPhone with features to manage projects that help you manage client interactions and keep your team members coordinated. Take a look at Solve, the vendor of Trujay.
Enables users to easily build and change business processes without deep technical skills. Offers the ability to easily and rapidly modify existing applications and processes to keep pace in the new business environment.
CRM solution for both small businesses and enterprises has a huge amount of features, free online training, and more. Helps you to track all customer information and interactions to get more leads.
A cloud-based solution for small business that offers specific, enterprise-level objects for large companies. Built-in relationship intelligence, pipeline management, post-sale customer treat, 40+ integrations, etc.
It is a free and open solution. It delivers actionable insights into customers, boosts conversions, helps increase sales, bolsters customer care and streamlines business operations.
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