Trujay vs Built-in Salesforce Import

Looking for a secure, smooth and fast solution to Import Data to Salesforce? Take a look at the automatic tool and migrate your records to the desired platform fast. Check out Trujay vs Built-in Salesforce Import comparison regarding functionality, pricing matter, and extra features to ensure that you choose a right Data Import way.

The Differences Between Trujay and Built-in Salesforce Import

Both solutions, Trujay and Built-in Salesforce Import, can help you to import data to Salesforce automatically.

  • Trujay.Migration is an automated migration service that enables you with an opportunity to import data from CSV/Excel files or from the current CRM platform to another one.

    The SaaS can import your data from the following solutions automatically:

    • Salesforce
    • HubSpot
    • SugarCRM
    • Bitrix24
    • Insightly
    • Capsule CRM
    • Zoho CRM
    • Pipedrive
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • InfusionSoft
    • Other CRM Systems

    Or migrate data from another CRM to Salesforce (if only there is the database or API access) using the Custom Migration.

  • Built-in Salesforce Import is an online data import tool that can help you to import data for many standard Salesforce objects from CSV files.

    In other words, you will have to export the data from another platform to CSV files. That is the only way to migrate information from the different CRM to Salesforce.

Basic Information

Features to CompareTrujay MigrationBuilt-in Salesforce Import
Data import possibilities✅ Import data from the CSV or Excel files;

✅ Migrate data directly from any CRM.
✅ Data Import from CSV files.

Note: some CRMs are not able to export info to CSV files. So, you will have consuming
task to convert another file format to CSV by your own or with the tech expert’s help.
Data mapping✅ Yes You may change data mapping according to your needsParticularly You can map the field names in your import file with the field names in Salesforce.
Users Matching✅ YesNo The advanced options fail to show the Name field in the drop-down selector for matching.
Built-in Salesforce Import only allows using Salesforce Id as User lookup field at this moment.
Data Migration With Preserved Relations✅ Yes Particularly If you decide to continue data migration and add other modules to the existing ones, the relations between them will not be created (in most cases)
Customization✅ Yes You can migrate your data Automatically or request the Custom Migration for advanced possibilities.
Anyway, your data will be migrated the way you wish.
Particularly The CRM customization can require the tech expert’s help.
Group Data Load✅ Yes Is able for the unlimited number of records✅ Yes No more than 50.000 at the time.
API using✅ Yes We use API for all-edition migrations Particularly The API can be used in Performance/Unlimited/Enterprise/Developer editions for the data import
Test import/migration✅ Yes The SaaS transfers the limited amount of data together with relations between the items.
Use Free Demo Migration
✅ Yes You can import some files to make sure that you’ve prepared your source data correctly.
You can erase the imported data from Salesforce if it is incorrect.
Migration Insurance(That is the possibility to restart data migration)✅ Yes More about Migration Insurance.✅ Yes You can erase the imported data from Salesforce if it is incorrect.
Support✅ Yes 24/7 Email, Ticket, Phone, Chat Support✅ Yes Email, Phone Support, Training
Security✅ Yes

- Physical Security Layer

- Network Security Layer (firewalls, DDoS preventions, network posture assessment)

- Application Security Layer (HTTPS-encrypted communication)

- Security Audits

More about Trujay security policy.
✅ Yes SFTP file service

Pricing and Specific Options

Features to CompareTrujay MigrationBuilt-in Salesforce Import
PriceStarting from $59 Depends on the number of migrated recordsFree Note, that the CRM customization, the CSV files creation or its conversion from another file format with the tech expert’s help may take money.
Another saying, all the additional payments can make the costly data import.
Dedicated account manager ✅ Yes Only in Custom Migration plans No

Trujay.Migration includes the flexible price range, as well as offers the pricing estimator to help you count the migration cost on your own.

Which Modules You Can Migrate

Both tools offer you automatic data import. That means that the chosen data modules will be migrated from:

  • CSV files by both Built-in Salesforce Import or Trujay Data Migration;
  • another CRM solution by Trujay Data Migration.
Modules to CompareTrujay MigrationBuilt-in Salesforce Import
Accounts ✅ Yes✅ Yes
Attachments ✅ Yes No
Calls ✅ Yes No
Cases ✅ Yes No
Contacts ✅ Yes✅ Yes
Emails ✅ Yes No
Events ✅ Yes No
Leads ✅ Yes✅ Yes
Meetings ✅ Yes No
Notes ✅ Yes No
Opportunities Yes No
Products ✅ Yes No
Tags ✅ Yes No
Tasks ✅ Yes No
Users ✅ Yes✅ Yes
Custom objects ✅ Yes In Custom Data Migration package✅ Yes e. g. Solutions in Salesforce classic
Duplication check ✅ Yes In the Automatic Migration and the Custom Data Migration package✅ Yes The Built-in Salesforce Import tool prevents duplicate loading records in some cases.

Built-in Salesforce Import Notification. You can import values into a field only if you have read and edit access. User permissions, page layout assignments, and field-level security settings determine field access.

Migration Time

Modules to CompareTrujay MigrationBuilt-in Salesforce Import
CRM data migration timeDepending on the number of records, type of the data you wish to migrate and its current placement.
Trujay can migrate up to 150,000 -200,000 items during the transfer per hour.
Depending on the amount of data you’re importing.
Imports are generally not immediate and can take some time.

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