CRM Conference 2019: Events to Visit in Upcoming Year

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CRM Conference 2019: Events to Visit in Upcoming Year

Since the CRM industry is constantly changing and evolving, it is essential to keep up with the latest trends to stay relevant and competitive. CRM events are a great way to learn, share the ideas, improve your skills, strengthen the virtual relationships and network with other professionals. Also, such events provide you with an opportunity to ignite a new spark of your creativity and enhance your business success.


Check out top 8 CRM conferences in 2019 and select the most important ones to visit in the upcoming year


1. CRM conference in Dublin, Ireland

Name: CXPA Insights Exchange

When: 13-14 March 2019


  • Paul Barber- CEO and Chief Executive, Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club
  • Dan Moross- Director of Customer Experience, Moo
  • Siobhan Hennessey- Head of Customer Experience, Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland
  • Justin Conry- Head of Transformation, Three Ireland
  • Sarah Sargent- Head of Customer Experience, Lowell Group

Description: Whether or not you’re a member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), the 2019 conference is a great way to expand your knowledge and connect with other professionals to discuss the current challenges and trends in CX.

1.1 CXPA US Insight Exchange is CX event by members for members only. It will be held on May 15 -16, 2019 | The Grand America Hotel | Salt Lake City, Utah


2. CRM Conference in San Jose, US

Name: MarTech

When: 3-5 April 2019


  • Martin Aubut- Chief Digital Officer, L’Oréal Canada
  • Scott Brinker- Conference Chair, MarTech &
  • Tracy Cioffi- CMO, MOD Pizza
  • Nick Drake- Executive Vice President, Marketing & Experience, T-Mobile

Description: MarTech conference focuses on the senior-level professionals who have an authority to break down the organizational silos and integrate technology, marketing, and management into one. You can gain knowledge in agile practices, marketing strategies implementation, and learn the process of nurturing multi-disciplinary marketing and technology talent.

Note: The conference will also take place in Boston, US on September 16-19, 2019.


3. CRM Conference in Washington DC, US

Name: CRM Evolution

When: 29 Apr - 1 May 2019

Speakers: not verified yet

Description: CRM Evolution Conference and Exposition will enable you to learn the top insights in the areas like the Internet of Things and the connected customer. The occasion covers the topics on how to improve client engagement and interaction efforts, as well as boost efficient CRM analytics strategies. Besides, you can master how to integrate CRM across your company for the maximum impact on your business.


4. CRM Conference in Washington D.C., US

Name: Smart Customer Service Conference

When: 29 Apr - 1 May 2019

Speakers:  2019 speakers haven’t been announced but 2018 speakers included:

  • Brian Solis- Principal Analyst, Altimeter
  • Pasquale DeMaio- GM, Amazon Connect
  • Vikram Anbazhagan- Head, Product Management for Language Technologies, Amazon Machine Learning.

Description: At the conference, you will hear the discussions on the technology and strategy needed to build effective customer support programs and business strategy. The experts will focus on enhancing employee engagement to improve the client experience, as well as teach how to get your team to follow the right business goals.


5. CRM Conference in London, UK

Name: Gartner Customer Experience and Technology Summit

When: 22-23 May 2019


  • Ed Thompson- Distinguished VP Analyst
  • Brian Manusama- Sr Director Analyst
  • Olive Huang- VP Analyst
  • Jim Davies- Research Director

Description: The event is aimed to meet the experts who can teach you how to transform your customer experience strategy and enhance the organization results. The attendees will learn how to deliver a seamless experience, create a clear CX vision in your company, open up the real business value in your client data, etc.

Note: The conference will also take place in Sydney, Australia on 17-18 June 2019.


6. CRM Conference in New York, US

Name: Forrester XC Forum

When: 11-12 June 2019


  • Harley Manning, Vice President, Research Director at Forrester and a variety of Forrester analysts.
  • Andrew Hogan, Senior Analyst, Forrester
  • Joana de Quintanilha, Senior Analyst, Forrester
  • Rick Parrish, Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Jennifer Wise, Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Maxie Schmidt, Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Kelly Price, Analyst, Forrester

Description: More than 1,200 customer experience speakers will focus on the vital aspects of retail, financial services, media, healthcare, and other latest marketing trends in the various spheres. The experts explain you the significance of fully understanding your clients so you can reveal new business opportunities, improve customer relationships, and increase sales.

Note: The additional events will take place in:


7. CRM Conference in Boston, US

Name: IFS World Conference

When: 7-10 October 2019

Speakers: 2019 experts haven’t been announced but 2018 speakers included:

  • Pramod K. Mudrakarta- Senior PhD Student, University of Chicago
  • Nathalie Latourelle- Lead – Digital Experience, MPO, National Bank of Canada
  • Holly O’Neill- Chief Client Care Executive & Head of Consumer Client Services, Bank of America
  • Todd Unger- Chief Experience Officer, SVP Physician Engagement, American Medical Association

Description: The event is an interesting occasion among CRM conferences 2019 for the individuals who know that standing still means falling behind. Every session will focus on customer stories and information from enterprises that have challenged the status quo. You can learn how to add value to your company, enhance your potential and realize the competitive advantage.


8. CRM Conference in Chicago, US

Name: CMSWire’s DX Summit

When: 4-6 November 2019

Speakers: 50 persons from major organizations

  • Nick Allen, Global Director of Design & UX, GE Healthcare
  • Jacob Ayoub, Senior Director of Customer & Market Insights, Salesforce
  • Brian Chaput, Director, Offering Management, Digital Experience Software, IBM
  • Pamela Della Motta, Director of Product, Marketing Technology, The New York Times
  • Juhee Garg, Senior Product Manager, Adobe
  • Cinny Little, Senior Analyst, Forrester

Description: The conference will give you a deeper understanding of machine learning and AL, big data and analytics, digital experience and voice of the customer (VoC). The customer experience and marketing leaders can unveil the new strategies and spark cross-industry insights.


Final Choice

Nowadays, there are many great ways to explore the new information and sharpen your skills starting from reading blogs, listening postcards to watching the how-to videos on YouTube. However, you can choose the most effective and exciting road of gaining new knowledge through CRM events. It is a special chance to hear motivated keynotes from the industry experts and position yourself as a professional in your field. So, take the above-mentioned CRM conferences 2019 into consideration, and pick the most interesting ones to visit in the upcoming year to polish your skills and make your business thrive!

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