CRM for Small Business: 4 Strong Reasons Why It Is Indispensable

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CRM for Small Business: 4 Strong Reasons Why It Is Indispensable

Whether big, medium or small - all types of businesses share the common aim that consists in receiving the most significant revenue with the most minor expenses. While for big corporations the need and benefits of using a CRM are taken for granted, the necessity of a CRM for small business remains arguable.

Small companies frequently choose the way of minimum investments and which means doing most of the tasks manually for the sake of saving money. However, this approach proves ineffective in the long run, since using automated software has a lot of benefits with much bigger value than the money they cost. Moreover, SMBs tend to steer clear from client relationship management systems due to a modest number of clients. Nevertheless, further growth and expanding the clientele will sooner or later pose a problem of too many data to be processed manually. So, it might be a good idea to make it “sooner”, rather than “later”.

These are not the only reasons why small and medium businesses require a CRM, below you’ll find more.

1. Deep insight into your client database - know your audience better

A CRM system using accurate data can provide an all-round view of your company customers - where they are, what they buy most frequently, the categories which are most and least profitable, etc. With this info at hand, your  sales strategy can get much more effective and your sales staff - get better aware of your clients’ problems and needs that can be solved with your solution.

2. Automate routine activities - save time and resources

A CRM system takes some time to get used to, but once it were setup and configured properly, it can be a great help with mundane tasks that eat much time, like accounting or reporting. Instead of tracking each cent of your revenue manually, or spending valuable time compiling a financial report, you can get this job done automatedly. Consequently, running operations efficiently enables you to direct efforts on effecting selling, gaining new clients and improving revenue.

3. See the sales trends and react promptly

A CRM can be an effective means of spotting the trends in the sphere. However, a certain time is needed for the info to be credible enough. This can point out the most promising direction for the business, as well as its spheres or client categories that are not worth investing time and efforts into. Such data allows focusing on the efforts that are likely to bring best results, keep abreast of the new tendencies and develop flexibility needed to adapt to the changing conditions quickly.

4. Refine service - impress your customers

When your staff has all information about a particular client within a mouse click, imagine how much more effectively they can deal with requests of different kinds. Using a CRM for small business helps to personalize communication, which makes clients feel valuable and increases their loyalty. Better service leads to higher customer retention rates plus helps gain new prospects via recommendations from the existing ones. Moreover, outstanding service can become a good competitive advantage.

Still unsure you’ll be able to find the suitable one?

Contrary to popular belief, there is a great variety of solutions, including CRM for small business, tailored to different industries and business needs. There are a number of systems that are free or quite inexpensive for a limited number of users, which can hit the spot for startups. When selecting a CRM, make sure you focus on your current tasks, but also leave some space for further growth. Otherwise you’ll quickly leave the software behind. Nevertheless, don’t make hasty decisions or go for highly popular solutions based solely on the number or respectability of their customers. “Big” players on the market can be overkill for SMBs, making you pay for the sophisticated functionality that is not used.

All in all, a CRM is definitely a very helpful tool for the business of any size. Surely, the convenience comes at a price - client relationship management systems have a learning curve to handle and may require financial investments, but the return will be worth it.


Let’s talk about how we can work together.

p>So, if you’ve made up your mind that your business does need a CRM, go ahead and choose the right one. You’re welcome to share your insights, questions, and experiences in the comments section below!

P.S. If you happen to be using a CRM that is not quite right for your needs, Trujay can handle the migration to a suitable one automatedly and very quickly. Try a free Demo Migration right now!

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