Migration to Bitrix24: Practical Way to Business Improvement

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Migration to Bitrix24: Practical Way to Business Improvement

During these years, the implementation of CRM system associates with the business advancement and day-to-day tasks facilitation. And among the numerous solutions with the untold tools and effective options offered by CRM industry, you will find Bitrix24.

This platform enhances the in-house processes and communication, as well as advances the sales and marketing performance along with far-reaching customer interaction. Due to a coherent and practical nature, many business owners come up with the migration to Bitrix24 as a cost-effective decision.

Bitrix24: Solution for Productivity Breakthrough

As a full-featured platform, Bitrix24 delivers the required tools for prolific performance to start-ups, SMBs, and large companies, as well as non-profit organizations with a lot of clients. The solution is highly customizable and offers a scope for improvement and scalability. Besides, it supplies you with on-premise and on-demand hosting. Let’s find out what other peculiarities can you acquire after migration to Bitrix24.

Enhance Inside Communication with Built-In Network

Bitrix24 pay attention to the effective collaboration between various company departments in order to assure fast task accomplishment, document sharing and time tracking of the projects progress. It also improves employees’ productivity by force of gamification and motivating them with ‘awards’ that are seen inside the company.

Intelligent Project Management Tool

Apart from tasks assigning and delegation of the group and personal levels, this platform enables your executives with an ability to plan a certain employee workflow. Bitrix24 has a Gantt Chart that graphically describes the status and the responsive worker of a task or subtask, as well as shows the existing and potential delays in accomplishing.

Competent Data Management

Simple contacts import and export, detailed real-time reporting and customizable fields are the strong sides of Bitrix24. The front-line departments - marketing, sales and support managers - will take advantage of direct emails and calls to clients and customer segmentation tool for gathering more hot leads and higher conversion level. With automation tool, you will facilitate the common and standard tasks. Apart from restricted access, you can create various hierarchy roles in order to take care of data privacy.

Expenses: Issue that Matters

Bitrix24 provides you with different pricing policies for the cloud and on-premise version. So, here are the on-demand editions:

  • Free Plan without fee for 12 users and 5 GB storage. You can buy additional 12 licenses of $25/month and extra storage space starting from $25/month for 1GB
  • Standard Plan - $99/month for a unlimited number of licenses and external users with 100GB for data and files.
  • Professional Plan - $199/month without licenses, external users, and storage space limitations.

Self-hosted Bitrix24 offers you a 30-day trial version and 2 editions with a one-time fee

  • BizPace - $3,299 with 25 licenses and unlimited external users. You can buy an additional internal license for $40/user.
  • BizPace Enterprise - $9,990 with the same options as in the BizPace and such additional tools as web-cluster and multiple division.

The variety of version can satisfy the refined demands of business owners. So, you can select the most suitable decision to your objectives and strategy.

Migration to Bitrix24: Several Steps to Secure and Flawless Switch

Considering about the changing your current CRM to Bitrix24, you want to make this process fast, accurate and, what is more remarkable, flawless and secure. With Trujay, these requirements can be easily fulfilled. The process of data migration is a fully automated, human interaction free and guarantees the uptime of the current CRM platform.

You may migrate the standard CRM modules, such as

    • leads
    • accounts
    • contacts
    • tasks
    • opportunities

In case you need to switch notes, customizations or other entities, you can order a support service package and the tech team of Trujay will accomplish all your demands.

The web-based service has a peculiar feature, it offers you a migration estimator. So, you can calculate the price of the records you want to switch. Don’t waste your time on second thoughts, start a free Demo Migration to Bitrix24 and see Trujay in action.

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