Salesforce Applications: 6 Ways to Supercharge Business Productivity

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Salesforce Applications: 6 Ways to Supercharge Business Productivity

When you are searching for the ways to make sure the company revenue will hit the ground this year, you require more than just a great sales and marketing teams. A goal of achieving the maximum productivity is going beyond the basic adoption of CRM system.

Even though you are using a robust and powerful Salesforce platform, there are some things it can’t do right out of the box. Fortunately, the company created the AppExchange that is designed to enhance the Salesforce’s core functionality. So, let’s discover the main aspects of the marketplace and learn what apps are worth your attention.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Salesforce Applications?

Launched in 2006, Salesforce AppExchange is a detailed marketplace full of add-ons, plugins, and proprietary systems. It has over 4 million installs with new apps increased every day that are classified into:

As you can see, a wide variety of 3rd party add-ons can extend Salesforce even further and help you solve the business challenges. However, one look at the AppExchange and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. To simplify your task in finding the right apps for your business, consider a list of integration options:

#1 Conga Composer (Sales)

The application is a document generation tool that allows you to create the presentations, proposals, reports and other essential sales documentation. You can easily transform the fields and objects data into plans and contracts by using Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Besides, the solution enables you with creating the quotes and invoices through PDF forms and emails (HTML-based).

Generate and distribute reports by integrating with Salesforce workflow existing rules or deliver them through SpringCM and Google Drive. The Composer can enhance your business productivity with the features like triggering events and scheduling solutions.

#2 FunnelSource (Analytics)

This is one of the top-rated reporting application on the Salesforce AppExchange. The add-on can provide you with the efficient pipeline analytics to track company and team performance. The FunnelSource offers you a precise forecasting that supports both data-driven and user submitted approaches.

You can drill into managers and reps, as well as access the accuracy of their numbers. Also, the pipeline changes can be observed over any period. This gives you an opportunity to determine the trends and uncover the risks so you can take actions and eliminate the end-of-quarter surprises.

#3 ClickTools (Customer Service)

The tool is a first and one of the most effective Salesforce survey applications. The apps can help you get the customer feedback through the web forms, client questionnaires, and call scripts. You can make it easy and interesting for prospects to share their input by leveraging super flexible question types and page formatting.

Then, you may use these responses to generate targeted communications and marketing campaigns. Moreover, ClickTools helps you exploit the reporting functunality like key driver analysis so that your feedback program generates the highest possible ROI.

#4 LeadRocket  (Marketing)

The solution offers you the marketing automation, demand generation, and email marketing tools. You can easily create the personalized email campaigns with the customizable, out-of-the-box template library. You can optimize deliverability with custom email authentication, SPAM analysis, email testing, and automated CAN-SPAM compliance.

The sales reps may obtain a real-time picture of how the leads are engaging with your business by using the Engagement Panel. LeadRocket helps you observe what pages your potential customers are visiting and how long they stayed on each of them.

#5 Accounting Seed Financial Suite (Finance)

This is one of the Salesforce applications that combines General Ledger, ERP, and Project Accounting. The tool allows you handle expense lifecycle management with ease, with linked sales orders, purchasing, and accounts payable.

The solution enables you with controlling the inventory, sales order management, and manufacturing capabilities. The Accounting Seed offers you to measure the company performance easily and accurately with the customizable reporting options.

#6 TaskRay (Collaboration)

The project management tool provides an opportunity to plan and work organized even with geographically distributed teams. The solution supports any business processes with compelling customization options and other Salesforce objects.

Your employees can collaborate effortlessly through Chatter groups, drag-and-drop actions, feeds and file sharing. Moreover, TaskRay’s time tracking feature lets you to monitor and report on estimated, and actual time, as well as generate the time sheets by projects.

Bottom Line

The best Salesforce applications can’t replace the work and skills your employees already have. However, the above mentioned 3rd party add-ons will improve them and help boost sales, enhance ROI and build the stronger customer relationships.

P.S. In case you are interested in having more integration opportunities and moving your data to Salesforce, an automated migration service Trujay can help you perform a process. The SaaS offers you easy-to-use interface and includes the beneficial features like deduplication, a free Demo Migration, fields and users mapping.

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