Migrate Salesforce to SugarCRM to Employ Effectiveness [+Video] 2019

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Migrate Salesforce to SugarCRM to Employ Effectiveness [+Video] 2019

The improving sales and campaigns become an object of significance for growing revenue and company ROI. The successful business owner has to be an artist and mix together marketing, sales, and all communication mastery. Old habits die hard, but when there is an urgent need, the changes are inevitable.


And it’s directly relevant to the issue when you run CRM platform for a long time. Salesforce and SugarCRM are profitable and practical options. However, the comparison of these platforms is like a clash of super-egos.


Salesforce, as well as SugarCRM, is a self-recommending CRM system. Salesforce offers productive feature sets for sales. SugarCRM provides elaborate tools and opportunities for the encountering all business obstacles and fulfils the changing market tendencies.


So, the decision to migrate Salesforce to SugarCRM should be conscious and reasonable.



Comparison of Principal CRM FeaturesInterface and Data Collaboration


Salesforce database is very practical for digitizing all the contact, campaigns and sales records and enables with organizing the access to certain categories of information. The user interface is very plain and easy in usage. However, the customization process fills it with various tedious tools. SugarCRM provides viewing of all accounts and contacts, including sales history. This 360-degree view of customers offers to distinguish the principal and important contacts and engage them to new campaigns and create targeted offers. The interface is easy in usage and can be customized for the client’s needs.


Price: Heavy or Low



offers four paid plans for sales cloud. All commercial versions require an annual contract.

  • Group offers basic sales and marketing opportunities up to 5 users. It is billed annually $25 user/month and offers account and contact management and leads and tasks tracking.
  • Professional is a full CRM system which is suitable for any size business. It costs $75 user/month and provides campaign and customization abilities.
  • Enterprise plan provides extended customization options, integration and workflow for $150 user/month.
  • Unlimited version offers the maximum of all features and opportunities provided by Salesforce for $300 user/month.


provides its clients with the three on-demand plans. The CRM system has an obligatory annual subscription.

  • Sugar Professional costs $40 user/month and offers sales and support automation, lead management, reporting and unlimited customization.
  • Sugar Enterprise comes with $65 user/month and has opportunity management, forecasting abilities, phone support and activity streams.
  • Sugar Ultimate provides with an assigned technical account manager, private cloud and round the clock support for $150 user/month.


Workflow as Preference


Salesforce workflow has a point-and-click interface and offers a task auto-assignment, email alerts and visualizing of the sales and campaigns stages.SugarCRM has a workflow that focuses on automation of tasks, alerts, as well as notification about the status of deals and opportunities, as well as actions for triggering new assignments. Besides, it enables with a continuous record updating.



Helpful Advice


You are sure that SugarCRM can suit the demands of your company, but still looking for a fast and accurate switch?

Trujay is an option of automated and secure migration. This service will transfer your CRM data from Salesforce to SugarCRM accurately and secure.

Before exploring the steps of the data import, check out a video and see the process in action:


How to Migrate Salesforce to SugarCRM


Step 1. Enter into the Migration Wizard.


Create Your Trujay Account at https://migration.trujay.com by filling your credentials. Else, sign up through social networks or as Salesforce user.



Step 2. Choose Your Current CRM

Specify your Salesforce CRM type from a drop-down list and log in (if not yet).

Now, Specify Your SugarCRM Details

Provide your SugarCRM details: URL, username and password.



Step 3. Choose Migration Options

Select from the offered modules (accounts, contacts, tasks, opportunities and leads) those which you want to migrate. Map the fields and run the Demo migration.


Step 4. Start Full Salesforce to SugarCRM Migration

If you are satisfied with the migration results, complete your Salesforce to SugarCRM Migration.





While you are doubting, your precious time and revenue running out. Start your Salesforce to SugarCRM migration right now! Make your company a stark example of both sales and service advancement.








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