SugarCRM to Vtiger Migration: What You’ll Gain From This

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SugarCRM to Vtiger Migration: What You’ll Gain From This

Currently, there are various types of CRM platforms that are aimed to help business owners with their company management. Each of them offers the high-level functionality to organize your sales, marketing, and customer support needs. Nevertheless, there are two bright representatives that are considered to be the berries among others – SugarCRM and Vtiger. You are probably wondering what the differences between these CRMs are and what you’ll get if you switch to Vtiger.

SugarCRM vs. Vtiger

SugarCRM is a commercial system with useful add-ons that enhance marketing effectiveness, sales performance and provide productive insight in company activities. The installation of SugarCRM is quite easy and trouble-free procedure. Dashboard offers a bright amount of possibilities like the quickly-edit user settings, views, and layouts in a single location. SugarCRM provides its users with a blog-structure interface and different themes to install that allow you to manage all the processes on a spot. High level of segmentation offers a possibility to track your business deals and activities to the very detail. Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages of using SugarCRM:

  • A lot of add-ons for SugarCRM are paid.
  • Price starts from $40-$150 per user/month. Minimum annual subscription starts at $4,800 per year, including 10 user licenses.

Vtiger is an open source CRM system which is used by over 100,000 companies. The CRM is available in 16 languages with multiple currency supports. Vtiger is an excellent choice for a small and medium-sized businesses. Moreover, Vtiger offers reasonable price – $12 per user/month or $10 per user/month, if billed annually (free 15 days trial). Furthermore, Vtiger offers a simple workflow that will automated sending emails, creating calendar events and updating fields.

To Sum Up

So, now you know that Vtiger may be a good alternative to others CRM systems. This platform will build effective bridges between your business and clients. The point of migration to Vtiger might bring new life into your company.

In case, you already use SugarCRM, and now feel the desire to migrate SugarCRM to Vtiger, Trujay will migrate your CRM leads, contacts, opportunities, tasks, and accounts directly to Vtiger in fully automated way with no business interruption.

Migrate SugarCRM to Vtiger in 5 Simple Steps

#1 Create Trujay Account

Before setting up your SugarCRM to Vtiger data migration, register your account.


#2 Specify SugarCRM Details

Point out your SugarCRM URL, login and password.

#3 Provide Vtiger Details

Point your Vtiger URL, then your username and password. For Vtiger CRM (Open Source & On Demand) you should provide the access key which you may find out on “My Preferences” > “Users Advance Options” section. Copy it and paste in the corresponding field in the migration wizard, and press "Continue" button.

#4 Select Additional Migration Options

Check up the following items you’d like to migrate:

To check up how Trujay works in real-time, you may run free Demo Migration. Up to 10 items will be migrated to your new Vtiger platform.

#5 Start SugarCRM to Vtiger Migration

After that, you may start the full migration from SugarCRM to Vtiger by clicking the corresponding button. Usually, the migration process takes from several minutes to a few hours depending on the amount of your data.

Catch this chance and register your Trujay account and move your CRM data from SugarCRM to Vtiger right now.


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