5 Reasons Why Companies Migrate to SugarCRM

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5 Reasons Why Companies Migrate to SugarCRM

In a perfect world of customer relationship management, you follow a client during their purchase-lifecycle in a sound operation manner. You know all the customers, their prospects, and deals. But, when some clients significantly grow, you might face the challenge of arranging orders, organizing leads, or just stroking busy days. This is actually the time when building bridges are impossible without robust and flexible CRM. This platform is an excellent storage or even substitution to your numerous spreadsheets; this is a pacificator among your company departments.

Everything looks like the following: with the help of CRM system you define your target customers. Marketing department generates leads using various strategies like email letters, social networks, etc. All the returns are analyzed and managed. After that, you may gather the generated leads into campaigns or groups for further actions. Within a single CRM system, you might direct the potential customers to the sales department. Starting from marketing stage of getting leads, moving on to the opportunities creation, all the processes are done within the workflows. Projecting on the idea of business automation, workflows allows to set up notification for proceeding with the specific action to the peculiar clients. In general, you may have all the processes chokehold.

SugarCRM Inside-Out

Being one of the CRM leaders, SugarCRM is really much sought after solution because of its comprehensive features and reasonable prices. Today, this platform outlines the perspective of three editions available for companies; they are Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. Apart from this, Community Edition is applicable for free. Of course, the cost-free edition lacks some important features like contracts management, sales forecasting, customer self-service portal.

Like an alternative to SugarCRM CE (community edition), users usually prefer free SuiteCRM platform, that is actually was created (forked) on the SugarCRM Professional Edition basis. SuiteCRM possesses, even more, functions than its so-called ancestor. If you currently run SugarCRM CE, but consider switching your CRM data to SuiteCRM, you may do this in a fully automated way with Trujay. Migration from SugarCRM CE to SuiteCRM takes on average from a few minutes to several hours and coding skills necessary.

5 SugarCRM Come-ons You’ll Love

Coming back to SugarCRM review, let’s scrutinize its features and distinguish what are those titbits that make you migrate your current CRM data to SugarCRM:

1. Open Source CRM

Providing its open source architecture, SugarCRM CE allows it users to customize the platform accordingly to the company needs and requirements. Also, you should take into consideration that choosing SugarCRM paid editions like Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate you’ll be able to modify the source code, not redistribute it. Proceeding with some modifications will make your business platform more flexible and user-friendly for your company members management.

2. Wide Scale Activities

With the diligent segmentation and grouping, SugarCRM allows tracking all the company activities. This CRM platform includes the range of modules that are combined into accounts, activities, opportunities, leads. The modules enable you to monitor and support your customers during the whole life-cycle starting from launching the marketing campaign to excellent customer support.

3. Flawless Workflows

Generally, the workflows creation is followed by the seven fields that should include some specific information concerning peculiar campaigns. After that you should create a workflow condition that actually defines the cause of this workflow. Apart from this, you set up alerts that will notify you or your company members to send an email or make a call.

4. Diligent User Roles

Using the role management SugarCRM function you may assign privileges for observing the data in the particular fields in the CRM platform. You may assign the role of manager to one field while only View-role would be allowed to another one. A user may have various permission roles, and you may simply shift them.

5. Marketing and Sales Management

For your leads generation, with SugarCRM, you may create various marketing campaigns like email, telesales, web, etc. Considering sales management, you may monitor the business performance using SugarCRM reports that show the actionable information. The reports also display the pipelines - graphs that can help to predict the revenue from the sales.

On the whole, you see that SugarCRM might be the optimal solution for your business management. If you want to join the stream of successful managers, just set up absolutely free demo migration to SugarCRM with Trujay and pass the new level of building company-customer bridges.

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