Bitrix24 to HubSpot CRM Migration: Make an Efficient Move to the Desired Success

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Bitrix24 to HubSpot CRM Migration: Make an Efficient Move to the Desired Success

The constant changes in the business world help organizations keep the pace with the market demands to assure the revenue increase. As a result, many companies consider transferring their current CRM systems to the more advanced platforms. Being in the list of the popular data import pairs, the data migration from Bitrix24 to HubSpot CRM can fulfill these requirements. So, let’s discover the Bitrix24 vs HubSpot CRM comparison and explore the main steps on how to perform the data transfer in the swift and secure way.

Bitrix24 vs HubSpot CRM: Explore Your Suitable Functionality

Since the size and objectives of your organization can vary, both Bitrix24 and HubSpot CRM are effective solutions that fit the needs of the small companies and offer the next capabilities, as well as editions:

Bitrix24 - Get New Business Opportunities

  • intuitive interface that offers the activity stream. Initiate the different actions (notes, emails, tasks, meetings and phone calls) on any objects right in the CRM from a single location;

  • convenient sales funnel enables you with the immediate account of transactions in progress and their respective stages. Bitrix24 lets you contain the unlimited sales pipelines and build a number of sales funnels for several products or services;

  • free web form builder can be used to build the customizable forms. In this case, they can support the fields’ rules, post submit redirects, product catalog, and online payments;

  • integrates with 24 applications like Zapier, Xero, MailChimp, and others.

  • offers a free plan for up to 12 users and 3 paid subscriptions:

  1. Plus ($39 user/month)
  2. Standard ($99 user/month)
  3. Profesional ($199/month)

HubSpot CRM - Obtain Chances to Thrive

  • personalized sequences includes a possibility to queue up a series of emails and deliver them to a potential client on a schedule you set;

  • real-time notifications enable you with knowing when a prospect opens an email, downloads an attachment, so you can follow-up immediately;

  • sales reporting lets you track and test the sales process and understand the pipeline metrics, as well as shows your sales split by product;

  • includes third-party 89 apps such as Zendesk, FreshBooks, Pure Chat, etc.

  • provides you with absolutely free plan forever with 1,000,000 Contacts, as well as the unlimited users.  

As you can see, Bitrix24 and HubSpot CRM are robust solutions that can enhance your business processes and improve the team performance. Hence, HubSpot CRM stands out in terms of simplicity, integration options, and price matter. So, take advantage of the automated service Trujay and move the CRM records fast securely with the help of the beneficial features:

  • security compliance and the opportunity to sign Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • modules mapping to fit your business requirements.
  • free Demo Migration to check the SaaS and new CRM in action.
  • Migration Insurance to run the data import over in case you want ot make any changes.
  • uptime of both CRMs and no interruptions of the business processes.

CRM Data Migration: Swift Successful Move to Desired Results

Since you decided to use the Trujay migration too, consider the following steps to move the CRM items from Bitrix24 to HubSpot CRM:

  1. Register your account and log in.
  2. Specify the access credentials of the exciting and destination solutions.
  3. Select the modules you want to transit, map the fields and users, as well as run a free Demo Migration.
  4. If you are satisfied with Demo outcome, you can proceed with full data import from Bitrix24 to HubSpot CRM.

Last Words

The investigation of the new CRM platform that suits your business processes can be a difficult task. However, you can take all the above-mentioned tips and tricks, migrate from Bitrix24 to HubSpot CRM and achieve the desired organization results effortlessly.

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